Thursday, February 21, 2008

edan & el-p & eligh and mr. lif & akrobatik

due to the lack of posts HERE as of late:

note to those that have NO idea about 'EDANs' beat making process : he makes his beats in LO-FI(generally) ON PURPOSE, you are not gonna get some sonic-ly pleasing beat, your gonna get what he intended to make which is GRITTY, "a.m. radio like" "dusty" "dirty" beats... LOL, these are 224 bit kbs, if you can better than quality then post it up!

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EDAN is one of the illest emcees alive.. he's up there with the best of the best like :
gift of gab, pharoemonch, lateef the truth speaker, jay electronica, motion man,
aceyalone, myka9, mr. lif, aesop rock, cage, lyrics born, nas, buck 65, iCON the mic king, zion, last emperor, royce da 5'9, rakim, del, lupe, sage francis, krs-one, mystic, percee p, black thought, and ETC
.. well you get my drift
AND you more than likely don't agree with me.. but now ya know what i think constitues as
"the best of the best" i'll stop droning on/listing them but yeah...hope you get the point

EDAN is dope...

-emcees smoke crack
-fumbling over words that rhyme 2
-i see colours
-i'll come running back to you
-mic manipulator
-science of the two
-torture chamber
-you suck

the above beats came from my personal stash.

thanks to merve (another EDAN instrumental CLICK HERE)

clickhere for Mr. lif beats

-cro magnon
-front on this
-farm hand
-home of the brave
-settle the score
-streets be testin' you
-be out
-the unorthodox
-triangular warfare
-the nothing

(i forget but one of the above beats is from 'cannibal OX'

clickhere for: akrobatik_beats

-remind my soul
-say yes say word
-livin' in the city
-u got it
-don't fear
-militant raw
-no losses
-cosmos (cannibal ox)

both the 'mr. lif' and the 'akrobatik' HAVE a 'cannibal OX' instrumental in the Zipped file... enjoy.

clickhere for:
i'll sleep when your dead-instrumentals_A

clickhere for:
i'll sleep when your dead-instrumentals_B

(el producto)

00. intro
01. Tasmanian Pain Coaster
02. Smithereens
03. Up All Night
04. EMG
05. Drive
06. Dear Sirs
07. Run the Numbers
08. Habeas Corpses (Draconian Love)
08 and 1/2. Habeaes Corpses (part II)
09. The Overly Dramatic Truth
10. Flyentology
11. No Kings
12. The League of Extraordinary Nobodies
13. Poisenville Kids No Wins/Reprise (This Must Be Our Time)

A couple weeks ago there was a person or two asking about some Eligh beats. I said I'd upload em what I had the time, but its been a crazy couple weeks. I should be doing more productive things (like studying...!), but I have the links so I'll do this quick post for any of you guys that wanted the beats.

Eligh - Gandalf's Beat Machine [2000]

A1 The Crow (4:06)
A2 I Know Gandalf (3:41)
A3 It's Simple (3:45)
A4 Melancholiest (3:45)
B1 Legendary Slump (3:55)
B2 A Plethra (2:25)
B3 Tundra Dome (4:03)
B4 My House (4:01)
C1 Traveler (4:11)
C2 Sandstone (3:46)
C3 Gandalf's Staff (3:25)
C4 It's Not What I Do (3:16)
D1 Jungles Of City (3:08)
D2 I Can See Threw You (6:36)
D3 Idea Man (3:44)

Eligh - Gandalf's Beat Machine Level 2 [2002]

Track Listings:
1. No Words
2. Hustling Outside a Cafe
3. Alien Travel
4. * of those things....*
5. Dirty Bump (grimey)
6. Trip 2 This
7. Sunset (Future is Now!)
8. Heavy Bass, Heavy Heart (deep)
9. Chakra Light
10. Butterflys
11. Rest in Peace Dedication
12. Staring at the Stars
13. The Monk
14. Riding Water Over Time
15. Bird Race
16. I Am Born
17. On A Mission to Live

props to defjux.blogspot(the def jux stuff), eric sepulveda(eligh)