Monday, April 04, 2011

STMB - Vol 2


Anonymous said...

STMB Volume One was absolute I'm wary of a sequel. Stones Throw is currently accepting all eccentrics, talent not necessary. A lot of you beatmakers should holler before they change their policy.

Anonymous said...
For alternative download.

And the STMB compilation is completely message board-member run, it has nothing to do with stonesthrow, the beatmakers just happen to be on the same message board.

Champ Neptune said...

Anonym 1...thanks for taking a listen regardless of our trash music. please complain on as many blogs as possible...we could use the plays.

And thanks strictly beats(i think espiv hooked it up) We greatly appreciate your post.

We enjoy hooking you guys up with free tunes. peace vol. 3 comes at the end of this month!

meowskerz said...

volume one was awesome! the dude who said its trash is obviously just another anonymous troll. keep the good stuff coming guys!

Champ Neptune said...

downloads maxed out again. 500 free ones...gone. FREE LINK at the bottom of the page for vol. 2. we feed the hungry, so eat up.

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