Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hannibal King - Villains Gone Bad III: Heroes for Villains

1.American Dream 01:16
2.Smile 01:36
3.Dear Mary 02:04
4.Roll Another One 01:24
5.Sex on Drugs 01:42
6.Oregano 01:49
7.Johnny Dakota 02:27
8.Isis Taylor 01:01
9.Love To Keep 01:09
10.Angela Devi 02:18
11.Moon Rocks 02:40
12.La Valise 01:52
13.The Mystery 01:44
14.Brownsville 02:03
15.Theme 6 01:35
16.Gemini 01:25
17.Before the Dawn 01:56
18.Winter in America 02:01


DEFicit said...

soooo sick

Anonymous said...

I am feeling this one.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Dakota, La Valise, Theme Six

Anonymous said...

Angela Levi FTW!!!

Anonymous said...

Bump bump bump, what happened to this?

Can anyone reup? i wanna peep it

thanks thanks

Anonymous said...

R.I.P - Angela Devi

Berry09 said...

Man, I love this tape so so so much!!

Big up, and mad respect!!