Friday, April 06, 2012


Polyplayground is an iPad music app by MIGAMO (Mike Gao Mobile)
You may know him from some of his music we've posted here or
the Vocal Beater app for beatboxing into your phone to make MIDI.

Link for download

Polyplayground:- Helps you understand music theory through colors and shapes.
- Configure notes in many ways
- Send MIDI/osc to app to visualize jam partners or your previous layers and never be lost
- Polyphonic pitch bend
- Tilt sensor sends MIDI CC
- New version submitted but not approved yet today (my birthday) allows you to control other Virtual MIDI synths in the background
- Configure the notes in many ways, split the octave into more than 12 notes for microtonal music.

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If you've got any questions for the creator, hit him up via:

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Tried it, sooooo cool !!

Visit my website for some samples :