Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beat-Maker-Beat Present: STRICTLY BEATS (special live mix)


1. intro - Russian 70's record
2.BMB - Bocoliver
3.BMB - Funk 2 give ya
4.BMB - Recept (2010)
5.BMB - Poisk Opita (feat.Ariff Akimov)(2010)
6.BMB - Tumblerweed
7.BMB - Hazed Mind (2007)
8.BMB - ToasterJam
9.BMB - Totalcontrol
10.BMB - SoulFood (Demo)(feat.Quartz Crystallus)
11.BMB - FenderBeat
12.BMB - Feel a Dream(demo)(feat.Quartz Crystallus)
13.BMB - Step Up!
14.BMB - Stuchat kolesa (2011)
15.BMB - Ghetto Qeen
16.BMB - Makes sounds (2011)
17.BMB - Classic
18.BMB - Zodiak (2010)
19.BMB - Respiration
20.BMB - Bitter Truth
21.BMB - demo feat.Spax (Germany)
22.BMB - interlude#113
23.BMB - Quantrozilla
24.BMB - IF She..(Feat.BMB,MC Rena)(2009) 

Big ups to BMB for blessing us with this mix......


Anonymous said...

love ya strictlybeats!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice beats bro! Ever though of submitting them to major artists? There's this site called that lists daily major placement opportunities!

Anonymous said...

yo!! its gilson! just remembered your blog, glad to see its still up and running, and real nice!