Saturday, March 15, 2014


How many of you would be interested in us changing the format of Strictly Beats up a little? Perhaps asking artists to submit their albums in a format that we can re-upload to an unlimited soundcloud & bandcamp acct? A better way to organize and feature that way an album doesn't get buried in previous pages due to new posts? Maybe a website that features each individual producer in a Q&A + Exclusive Release and their digital discography all under one tab?

Anyways, we're open to ideas and I feel like while thousands visit our site weekly, there is no real voice or face, that being said I'm curious to see if we've got any web dev's, designers, entrepreneurs, and more who could help us with more of a robust buildout that is mutually beneficial 3 ways to the music community, producers/artists, and us maintaining a steady flow of content without being "one of thosssseee guys" feel me? No Advertisements, or Post For Pay, the integrity of the content would remain the same, but in hopes of gaining further reach, we need to update.


Shane Keaney said...

I think it would be cool to bring back the strictly beats podcast. Perhaps combined with artist interviews. Certainly a website update would be awesome.

Perhaps a little more insight into how things are done now? It seems like a pretty one sided - users says "let me go and find some new music" on SB. Rather than a more collaborative endeavor were people who love SB could help you all out.

Do you guys just do everything in your spare time? Perhaps an exploration of a small membership fee, for some extra content etc, so you guys have some support in that regard would be worth considering?

Been a fan for years now, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, we're here to help.


LoFidel said...


I know a good dev but here's out here in ky. He's a cool dude may hook you up. Hit me on my email and I'll get you in touch.


Lofidel said...

And ps. I don't think you should charge but you guys get so much traffic, have you considered an official URL and the possibility of ads for sponsorship? Just a thought fellas

Sell Beats said...

Some Interviews for artists will be great here I think

Austin Hart said...

Let me start off by saying SB has changed my music completely and I 'm on the site about everyday.

I think it would be good to add an artist section and have it formatted in the same way the instrumental projects are. This would then bring in a large crowd of artists which is good for exposure purposes.

Thew whole feel of SB is the Underground Movement of producers, instrumentals, and musicians. Therefore making the page a main URL like Soundcloud, or Soundclick, would to me open the doors for you guys from an advertisement and exposure perspective but then take away from the Movement that SB really is. Stay true like you been doing.

So hear are some suggestions:

1) Make it possible for people to view old posts and new posts easily so they wont get buried.
ex) categorize them by year, then sub categorize them by month,
so like 2012 then may, june, july etc.
Also you could pick the best of the month or year n keep that project on the front page for a week or something and let that be the prize for the producer or artist etc.

2) Create a tab or separate page thats still SB but maybe call it SA (Strictly Artists) and make it where they have exclusive releases, discography, info, videos etc. Basically what you have now except Artists.

3) Submitting the artists music to an account would definitely be great idea.

4) Keep the Underground Movement alive and don't be so quick to change for mainstream. You guys have already been doing that so I know it won't be an issue.

I'd be happy to send you guys a design of the look for an SA page or even some design suggestions.

Austin Hart


Espiv said...

I don't think we'd ever charge to do what we do.. Were not getting paid for it, so why ask you guys to shoot us bread.

If you've noticed there are no ads or changes to the site, since it's conception.

I appreciate all the feedback here, I'm gonna continue to look through it when I get home.

Espiv said...

Do you guys just do everything in your spare time? Perhaps an exploration of a small membership fee, for some extra content etc, so you guys have some support in that regard would be worth considering?

Yes, this is a volunteer effort of a few people who love good music, and specifically this type of music.. Me being an emcee, dj, and other variants music has gotten me through so much in life and will continue to do so.. Having a good ear, it's all about quality over quantity, and substance over hype. We try to maintain that standard here. This is a spare time, selfless, payless project.

Membership fees seem out of the question and unnecessary... I was thinking about possibly creating a DJ pool of sorts with several free downloads that you could only get through SB, but even then.. I think the whole thing would collapse as it's like moving drugs through an underground tunnel, with music piracy.

link me your email please? Diggin the LoFidel x Dr. Dundiff "1​-​2" project as we speak now, too :)

--@Sell Beats
Yeah I agree on the interview aspect, I feel like, Ta-Ku, Elaquent, Kaytradamus(Kaytranada), and countless others who've been picking up steam recently all have been pushed through SB for yeaaaaaaaaaaaaars before any of the other blogs caught on. We've been supporting cats since day 1 and prior to "blogging" being a house hold word.

Glad to hear that you're a regular visitor of the blog, I know my inbox currently is sitting around 4000 submissions, but with other projects I've taken on, my postings have kind of been limited due to time.. On the buried post thing, i did mention that in the original paragraph, it is something that kind of bothers me because of how long we've been posting, there should be a better way to organize them.. I do, although have a way to "import" the blog onto another site that 'should' work, and then allow me to rearrange the layout.

I like the StrictlyArtist idea, I had that in mind for a roster situation so we could essentially keep tabs on everyone who's featured here.. and also do "more" than that. Like we do this for the love, and I'm sure most of you guys do as well.

A submit button would be cool, even though my inbox is already a jungle hahaha.

If you'd like to check out my site is a link to it. If you click 'agency' and then enter pw: espivak15 you can kind of see where my head is at with a roster situation.. "Septerhed" is the only page on that, in which I have complete. I can build out the same thing for SB.

We would never change format, don't worry about the mainstream crossover haha.


Thanks for the feedback guys. Hopefully more people continue to add to this thread, I think were headed the right direction and I appreciate all of you. if you wanna follow me via that's a more direct line.

peace and best regards..
Checking back in here soon.
-Spiv / Eric Spivak

horror.vacui said...

interviews and monthly mix tapes!!

LoFidel said...


Thanks for peepin me and Dundiff! My email homie is

@_SufYan_ said...

I dont think this blog need much work, its beauty is in its simplicity. but then again its always good to upgrade/progress.
- I think an official URL would be good
- an annual "top 50", or "top 100" beats of the year would also be interesting, not a lot of blogs do that.
- I know this is kinda off point, but why isnt there a strictlybeats twitter account? it can be very handy sometime.
- get a logo :)

Anonymous said...

A podcast would be dope. But other than that, I wouldn't change a thing. I love this site and how it's set up. Makes the music very accessible. I'm still an old-school head who likes to download albums as opposed to just stream them, so I really appreciate the download link when the artist allows it. If you do change, please continue to offer that option. And thanks for all the hard work you guys do. These tracks save me at work and get me through the day.

Austin Hart said...

I checked out the layout on Septerhed at it was cool, I think itll def rock for an SA Page.

Anonymous said...

Just wanna say I am so down with all these new ideas and I support em! This is one of my all time favorite blogs, would be so dope to see it go even further.

Shane Keaney said...

Hey all, my point about membership fees was related to a podcast for example, which at a certain point, enough listeners would cost money, not to mention the time needed to be put in to produce it. SB doesn't have to be restrictive with content nor does it have to become a giant thing.

My point was if there SB was a bonus member podcast of curator (or even guest-artist curators) I could sign up for and it cost $3 a month, i'd do it happily to support SB and it would be worth it. Just an example. Esp if helped give SB the ability to grow.


Arjun Chhabra said...

First of all, excellent work with this site man. You guys have put me on to so many new artists, I'm eternally grateful -- so know that even if you guys decide not to change a single thing, I'll be a loyal fan.

With that said, I think you guys could benefit a bit from a few touch-ups. Mainly a solid URL, and maybe I'm alone in this, but it might be time to depart from the blogspot format -- maybe wix, tumblr, or some type of custom layout that can really put the music front and center with an easy way to sort by artist, post date or release date.

Regardless, thank you for doing what you're doing. If you guys have a PayPal link, I'd love to donate.


DVN said...


JR said...

How about a ratings system.

TYEm said...

Been a visitor from day one and can honestly say from a DJ's point of view it's been an exciting journey hearing this amazing music. Your posters have incredible taste on a daily. I really like the core of artists that I discovered here first and in many cases only here so I'm more than happy with the content.

I would want a bit more than a refresh but nothing too commercial because the beauty of the site is simplicity.

Although this may push things past just spare time, please be a little more 'touchable'. I don't mind if a pposter gives their opinions or reasons for posting a particular artist or work. It shows some personality but still being private.

Accept donations. Keeps things the way they are but allows some to just say thank you.

I think I actually wrote all of this to say just that...thank you.

Ollie said...

i know generally most beat tapes are purely on bc or soundcloud etc, but sometimes there are limited vinyl/cassettes available. it would be sweet if these were highlighted or given a section or whatever

Espiv said...

I think offering to press a 'limited run' of certain beat tapes that've been only released digitally could be a cool idea too.

Along with possibly a DJ pool type situation where, all beats get thrown into an unlimited dropbox acct and are available for download. Creating more distance from soundcloud/bandcamp.

Anonymous said...

I feel you should only have artists that maybe used material from this blog, I think it would be dope to for a lot of the artists and producers to see what can be done with there beats and material if allowed.

beat-ape1 said...

Hey, if not been here for a while but luck would have it that i chose this day to visit and see your post.

The reason i quite posting tapes was because i tought there was too much quantity, not enough quality.
Take a look at the numbers in the blog archive.

When i was making the SB mixes they would get buried verry quickly. These mixes cost me a lot of time to make and to see them dissapear of the frontpage so quickly was not worth the effort.

I think it would be a great idea to start making content for the sb blog. Like sb exclusive beattapes, interviews,podcast thats a great way to get more people on to the bog because they cant get this content anywhere else.

The blog is long overdue for a makeover. Offcoure you should keep the chatbox :).

theres lots more to say but not enough time.. i love to help out with this. I wil check back

rafael smadja said...

i won't be helpfull,
but take this occasion to say THANK YOU.
in 4 years , it's the first time i can do it.
much repsect for what SB team is doing.
so change anything you want , juste continue to provide the high quality you make people used since longtime.

Anonymous said...

"I feel you should only have artists that maybe used material from this blog, I think it would be dope to for a lot of the artists and producers to see what can be done with there beats and material if allowed."

Ummm, a slick way to get free beats...nope!

Anonymous said...

No rating system, no fees, not beat battles, etc! so the site will become like all the others...

- SB logo
- Producer Q&A would be great
- Facebook group
- Twitter
- Soundcloud (post one track or two per ablum instead of entire ablums, post new marterial from artists)

You are rigth about the fact that you've been exposing artist since day one before other blogs, in fact other bloggers come here to get the updates and then post on their blogs.

rob said...

I would love to see more in depth artist coverage because some of these EPs are coming from unknown producers and I would love if I can read more about them on here as I listen to their music. Maybe request that artists send a quick bio of themselves when they submit material.

Also, I would love to see a section for editor's picks. I am sure you guys like all of the releases you post on here but I know you have a few favs worth mentioning at the end of each month.

Thanks for all you do. This is the one blog that I have continued to visit on a regular basis. Much love

Lawani said...

Having categories would be awesome! Like a release one (in which you could have downloads, reviews), an artist one (in which bios, interviews, photos), a video (just videos like performances, music videos, etc) and why not an event, so that fellow beaters can promote their events or even know about an event. That would be great.

primo915 said...

Yes you can, maybe update to a better view.