Friday, March 21, 2008


This is two albums, one link. Two EP's released under the Creative Commons license (yes!). Feel free to donate. The last album I posted from the CCL (BeatRaider) went over pretty well, hopefully you guys like this as well. One of the EPs only has a running time of ten minutes, just so you know. The files aren't messed up or anything, it's just short.

Virtu-oso - The Short Film EP
1. Time (Can I Get A Moment?) - Opening Credits
2. New Day
3. Hectic Movements
4. The Grind (The Day Goes On)
5. Give Up
6. Russian Winter Blues Pt. 1
7. Russian Winter Blues Pt. 2
8. P on Radio (Audio Crack)
9. The Perfect Woman Pt. 1
10. The Love Jam
11. The Perfect Woman (Reprise)
12. Time (Reprise) - Closing Credits
13. The Love Jam Pt. 2
14. Bare Pain (Stop Crying...)
15. U Confused
16. Trailer

Virtu-oso - Peed Taorht

1. Start
2. First
3. Switch Up
4. That's Good (interlude)
5. Raw
6. Ride Me Baby (interlude)
7. How Much More (semi-interlude)
8. DT Theme (Prelude to...)
9. Piandorg
10. End

Grab 'em both by clicking here.
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