Saturday, January 05, 2013

Compilation of Artists - Kash 4 Brandon

"This project came about because of one of my brother's, Brandon Scott Summers, was going through some tough times. He's been out of work for some time, and he on the verge of getting evicted from his apartment. He's actively looking for work, but just cant' catch a break yet. So, I could set something up so that us artists could help out in SOME way, regardless of how much money we had. A donation drive! To put you in the mind of one of those telethons where there's like a talent show involved. But, with a compilation mixtape that's downloadable for free with the option to donate anything you can. They can enter in any price for the download. 0 for free, or any dollar amount for a donation. What a turnout! We got 42 artists to combine their talents for this 40 song compilation! All donations will go to Brandon Scott Summers to help him at least stay in his home for another month to buy him more time to find some work. We all, especially Brandon, appreciate anything you can do. If you can donate, just enjoy the sounds of pure music! Spread the word!"

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Keor Meteor -
Keith Price -
Handbook -
Ice Grill -
Floyd Cheung -
Languid -
Run C. T. -
Maximoe - // //
Nextwon -
JP Balboa -
StayReal -
Starchaserbeats -
Asis Galvin -
Jamie Hall -
HeaTFlare -
MetaniteMusic -
Afrobeat Productions -
SoundDriven -
KJB Productions -
Khryo -
ManOnWire -
Funky Notes -
Key-Low -
Style Shuts -
PawCut -
DJ Mr. Doc -
Artonius -
Adriel -
Negrosaki -
JHawk -
MusicalProf -
Afryx_Q -
Sarah Winton -
Twinn Aftereffectz -
DJ Sapien -
VidDa176 -
Drhymes -
W.O.L.M. -
Glyphick The Overthinker -
Cor Stidak -
Miss B - 


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Artonius said...

This is DEFINITELY appreciated! You have a friend in me, no doubt! I'll make sure to keep people informed about this site!