Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Danny! - Dream, Extinguished


"We are very excited to bring you the third and final entry in Danny!‘s instrumental Dream series. While its predecessors were straight-up rereleases, this edition of Dream, Extinguished has never actually seen the light of day. It’s the European version and it features a slew of cuts from the multi-talented artist that you have never heard before.
Some of the beats will sound familiar to those following Danny!’s acclaimed career. “Sparkle the Nana Song” was picked up by Danny Brown for use on The Hybrid while “Jet Society” and “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful” were retooled for use on Danny!’s brilliant And I Love H.E.R. album. Also, Wale snagged the “Never Say Never” for use on his recently released Folarin mixtape. Otherwise, only the most diehard of fans will be familiar with select tracks on Dream, Extinguished, making this an absolute must-have for his fans.

In the coming months, we will release the original instrumentals Danny! produced for Payback, which is out now on OkayPlayer Records, along with a completely new project. Stay tuned."

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