Monday, June 30, 2008

aesop rock-none shall pass(full album)-instrumentals

click here to download

1. Keep Off the Lawn
2. None Shall Pass
3. Catacomb Kids
4. Bring Back Pluto
5. Fumes
6. Getaway Car - (with Cage/Breezly Brewin)
7. 39 Thieves
8. Harbor Is Yours, The
9. Citronella
11. Five Fingers
12. No City
13. Dark Heart News - (with Rob Sonic)
14. Coffee - (with John Darnielle)

the accapellas are @ acapellarchives

click here to download: aesop rocks-NOT SO PERFECT (this is what i did with it) hear more at goodwillprojects.blogspot


crunchypants said...

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work. Your blog has become one of my favourites.
I can't wait to cut this Aesop Rock into a million pieces then reassemble... anyways thanks again for your inspirational and informative blog, it's much appreciated.
Keep up the the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice one, thanks!!

Cloacula said...

All I wanna do is pick apart Aes' albums and put the pieces back together MY way

Bunjumun said...

I drive around in my car singing Aesop Rock songs all the time now. Thanks :P