Monday, November 10, 2008

maroons(cheif X-cel) instrumentals- AND a bonus mixtape

download: 'lateef and the chief' here
-beautiful you
-best of me
-best of me ;bonus version
-don't stop
-first draw
-lester hayes
-matter of time

also check this out, no IT IS NOT INSTRUMENTALS, it IS a remake of chris palko' (kage, with a C not a k..) latest...consider this a break from the monotony of just beats *edit..i didn't mean to be a dick about it*
click here to download

the link is direct download: so u don't have to sign up or wait for anything.. just click and decide where to save the file to..
track list:
1-r.i.p. frank.mp3
2-super bad peeranoia.mp3
3-stuntin scenster.mp3
4-broken stripes.mp3
5-you never had it so heavy.mp3
6-break up the bones subtley.mp3
7-i open a perfect world.mp3
8-left us to kill it.mp3
9-hells splinter hero).mp3
10-new york frame of mind.mp3
11-anti-public deception.mp3
12-oil party crashers.mp3
13-its alright to swallow me.mp3
14-death starts the show.mp3


Anonymous said...





good looks.

Anonymous said...

No Emcees. Just Instrumentals. THX Faggot.

Anonymous said...

^look at the poor e-baby crying^

both downloads were solid goodwill! i'm not surprised some tom dick or harry is already riding your dick, it's typical around here. no life losers always wasting their life hating on the next man.

Anonymous said...

both of these are surprisingly hard' who is chief x-cel?

Anonymous said...

xcel produces for gift of gab, lateef.. actually a bunch of artists specifically on quannum records. goodwill, that hells splinter is really good. any more quannum records instrumentals??

Anonymous said...

yo the shit is hot, and who can blame you? All people who listens to hip-hop instrumentals listen to hip-hop.

Anonymous said...

eh both the downloads in this post are fire.

i'm actually this makes me wanna actually listen to cage and lateef.

what was the last album lateef did?

Anonymous said...

lateef and gift of gab just dropped an album, "dropping science fiction"

nosleep333 said...

The cage remix was aight, I think there was one track in particular that was real off time but for the most part wasn't bad. I like how Shoot Frank was approached.

Anonymous said...

i can assume you were referring to the timing on track 12(the only possible one) the drum and instrument arrangement on that track could fool the best of ears into thinking the timing is not there.

Anonymous said...

i think there is something wrong with your ears@nosleep;if you think the timing is off on any of the tracks