Sunday, February 15, 2009

Buff1 - There's Only One (2009)

Buff1 is one of my favourite MCs out there right now. And the fact that his crew, The Athletic Mic League (Ann Arbor, Michigan) is filled to the brim with talented producers (and MCs) probably helps with this release as well. The bulk of the production is handled by 14KT and Vaughan T, both of the AML and also known as members of The Lab Technicians.

01 - There's Only One (Prod. by 14KT) (Instrumental)
02 - Goodness Music (Prod. by Vaughan T) (Instrumental)
03 - Beat The Speakers Up (Prod. by Vaughan T) (Instrumental)
04 - Dream Streets (Prod. by Vaughan T) (Instrumental)
05 - Man Up (Prod. by Vaughan T & Zo!) (Instrumental)
06 - I Know The Secret (Prod. by Forekast) (Instrumental)
07 - The Sky (Prod. by 14KT) (Instrumental)
08 - Classic Rap (Prod. by Vaughan T) (Instrumental)
09 - Love The Love (Prod. by Haircut) (Instrumental)
10 - Never Fall (Prod. by Black Milk) (Instrumental)
11 - Rain Dance (Prod. by 14KT) (Instrumental)
12 - Numbers Can't Measure (Prod. by 14KT) (Instrumental)
13 - Real Appeal (Prod. by 14KT) (Instrumental)
14 - Electrifying Music Maker (Prod. by 14KT) (Instrumental)
15 - Goin' Nowhere (Prod. by 14KT) (Instrumental)
16 - Once (Prod. by 14KT) (Instrumental)

Buff1 - There's Only One (2009)

Peace, 9@home


Praverb said...

thank you...thank you very much woooooooooo


Buff1 is one of the Coolest and Hardest working cats I know. now, Ive come to realization that Digital Downloads Are a Necessary Evil, Infact.... Im about to give Strickly Beats my Entire album on Rawkus to put up for FREE DOWNLOAD...but I hope if you Enjoy "THERE'S only ONE" that you go over to Buff's Myspace and pay the cat Respect and purchase the album =)

Peace & Enjoy Good hiphop! hhhahaha

See ya on the otherside


peace to my man ESPIV!,

L05 said...

buff 1 is my hero

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