Friday, February 06, 2009

What do y'all think of this BANGER!?!?

Some real dope Island shit you'd hear at some Beach Party or somethin. I had to pull it from some movie with an Audio Hijack software, quality is good, but you may want to boost the volume a bit to get the full effect of this HEAT. This shit is dope for sure... I guess it's from a production team "Emotional Productions", I went to their myspace, nothin too special over there. But this track is an exception to what I heard, this track is Fire. Hopefully more comin soon.


Emotional Productions - "Every Time I Run"
(Sorry about the Zshare, Divshare was giving me problems... Let me know if you have problems downloading)


Anonymous said...

nice, but nothing extraordinary in my opinion! but one and the same track affects different at onother place, thats my experience!

nice blog

keep moving said...

This track is not fire. This track is lame and boring.

Nate Goodness said...

this shit is hot fire!!!

but the link is stream at 3-4 minutes


I wanna make a song on this.
f' the other lame comments

Anonymous said...

banger indeed.

Anonymous said...

i can only imagine how much you were enjoying this as it came on during the film. it must have been just right. whatever the case and however i feel, thanks for sharing.
big ups == peace

Gideon B said...

yo...emotional productions...i heard their stuff on soundclick once....they have a lot of solid tracks and some are for free download...u can hear their whole catalogue on soundclick...PEACE

Anonymous said...

this shit is some diahrrea water