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"Crush Your System" sophomore album on Rawkus Records + "Project Reach"
Digital Album Available : I Tunes, Amazon, Zune, Rhapsody, etc. Via RAWKUS RECORDS

01 - "Crush Your Intro" - produced by RoxStar w/ cuts by Dutchmassive

02 - "Ghibli" - produced by Dutchmassive

03 - "Show me" - produced by Funkghost

04 - "Vibrate" - produced by SlopfunkDust

05 - "I want Her" - produced by Cliffnotes / "Beat Tape Interlude" - produced by Dutchmassive

06 - "Far Away" - produced by Rik Marvel

07 - "Positive Contact!" (f/ Main) - produced by Dutchmassive w/ cuts by Dj Balance

08 - "Better Man" (f/ Median & Von Pea) - produced by ILLMind w/ cuts by Dj Ragz

09 - "7th Day" (f/ Will Widdoss) - produced by RoxStar
10 - "Kill em in 8bit" - produced by Samiyam
11 - "The Main Vein" (f/ NapsNDreds) - produced by Mo0 the Beatfanatic /"Launch" Ver 3.0 - produced by Dutchmassive

12 - "Blood Rush" (f/ Buff1) - produced by Sebmaestria

13 - "Life Lines" (f/ Surreal) - produced by Surreal & Dutchmassive - cuts by Dj Balance

14 - "Butterflies" - produced by Dela / "She's Ansi" & "Ghost in the shell" - produced by Dutchmassive

15 - "Kelleys Dream" - produced by Dutchmassive

Bonus tracks - taken from the mixtape (album between album) "Project: REACH"
16 - "Project: Intro" - Produced by Dutchmassive
17 - "Project: REACH" - Produced by Madlib
18 - "Little Drummer Boi" - Produced by Natural Resource
19 - "Art of the Collar Pop" - Produced by Tzarism
20 - "Season Emcee" - Produced by Dj Spinna / Produced by J Dilla
21 - "When Life Throws you lemons, Make Juicy Jazz" - Produced by Oddisee
22 - "My Apology" - Produced by MF DOOM & 9th Wonder
23 - "Project: Outro" - Produced by Dutchmassive
More Bonus joints ....
24 - "Dream Suite" - Produced by Take
25 - "Shipping & Handling" (2 beats) - Produced by Dutchmassive
26 - "Love is complicated tommorow - St mic (feat. Dutchmassive & Unknown) - Produced by Unknown
27 - "Love is complicated today - St Mic (feat. Dutchmassive & Mudd) - Produced by Mudd
28 - "Get it on" - Muneshine (feat. Fresh Daily & Dutchmassive) - Produced by Mudd
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"Dutchmassive - The Hobbyshop HERO / ACT I: March of the Goonies"
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Ravage - The MeccaGodzilla - ERROARS Instrumentals

01. Intro
02. Follow
03. UrFuked
04. Monsta Eyez
05. Interlude 1.0
06. Asian Sensation
07. Lunch Room 1996
08. Mystery of Mina
09. Untitled
10. Erroar Echo
11. Magma
12. Awokenbeethoven
13. G.O.D.2
14. Prophecy Pleaze
15. Stopit 2004
16. Halozzz
17. Mic Avengers
18. Nihon Fast
19. 8 Bit
20. Genesis
21. Gabarah (ft. Junclassic of Monsta Island Czars)

No Place Like Chrome - Apathy & Celph-Titled Instrumentals
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

01.Naturally Nasty (Prod. by Apathy)
02.Sound Of The Clap (Prod. by Celph Titled)
03.88 Mindstate (Prod. by Chum The Skrilla Guerilla)
04.Fix Your Face (Prod. by Celph Titled)
05.SMD (Prod. by J-Zone)
06.Maybe (Prod. by Apathy)
07.Bad Attitudes (Prod. by Apathy)
08.Donkey Ass (Prod. by Celph Titled)
09.Nut Reception (Prod. by Celph Titled)
10.Save The Day (Prod. by J.J. Brown)
11.Drink Specials (Prod. by Tzarizm)
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Dabyre - Two/Three Instrumentals
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

01.The Stand 3:35
02.Air 3:12
03.Encoded Flow 2:54
04.That's What's Up 4:04
05.Nite Eats Day 1:59
06.Special 3:31
07.Viewer Discretion 3:01
08.Presure 3:21
09.Reconsider 3:26
10.Get It Together 3:33
11.My Life 2:15
12.Get Live 3:39
13.Game Over 3:42
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Braille - The IV Instrumentals
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

01. 03:10 Beautiful Humanity (Prod. by Ohmega Watts)
02. 03:12 Submission Hold (Prod. by Shuko)
03. 03:30 Calculated Risk (Prod. by The Are)
04. 03:24 The IV (Prod. by Marco Polo)
05. 03:34 Main Squeeze (Prod. by 88 Keys)
06. 03:40 Remember Your Path (Prod. by Straffo)
07. 04:30 Constantly Growing (Prod. by DJ Spinna)
08. 03:59 Blessed Man (Prod. by S1 of Strange Fruit Project)
09. 04:17 Many Stories (Prod. by Barry Hampton)
10. 03:51 Raise The Dead (Prod. by J. Thrill)
11. 02:59 Double Dose (Prod. by Mr. Mar of The Stieber Twins)
12. 02:50 Counter Attack (Prod. by Oh No)
13. 03:55 Mental Guards (Snitch Blade) (Prod. by Aetoms)
14. 04:21 Get It Right (Prod. by Kno of Cunninlynguists)
15. 02:40 Restless (Prod. by M-Phazes)
16. 02:54 Addvice (Prod. by J-Zone)

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01. Race Course
02. Nanking Road
03. Shanghai Express
04. Lu Xun
05. Babylon of the Orient
06. Pearl Tower
07. Avenue Joffre
08. The Bund
09. Old City
10. Babylon of the Occident
11. Nanjing Road East
12. Lu Xun Revisited

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Traditional Chinese instruments meet Hip-Hop & Electronica.
An experiment in cross-cultural soundscapes, The Shanghai Restoration Project draws its creative inspiration from the old 1930s Shanghai jazz bands, an early combination of East and West that's become an international legend. The Project revives this exotic blend by introducing Eastern instruments and rhythms to the Western sounds of hip-hop, jazz, and electronica.

P.O.S. - Never Better Instrumentals
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

01 Let it Rattle
02 Drumroll (We're All Thirsty)
03 Savion Glover
04 Purexed
05 Graves (We Wrote the Book)
06 Goodbye
07 Get Smokes
08 Been Afraid
09 Low Light Low Life
10 The Basics
11 Out of Category
12 Optimist (We Are Not for Them)
13 Terrorish
14 Never Better
15 The Brave and the Snake
16 Handmade Handgun (Hidden Track)

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Platinum Pied Pipers - Triple P Instrumentals
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1. Shotgun (Instrumental)
2. Your Day Is Done (Instrumental)
3. Deep Inside (Instrumental)
4. Stay With Me (Instrumental)
5. Fever (Instrumental)
6. No Worries (Instrumental)
7. After the Worries (Instrumental)
8. Act Like You Know (Instrumental)
9. Now or Never (Instrumental)
10. The Pee's (Instrumental)
11. Lights Out (Instrumental)
12. One Minute More (Instrumental)
13. Detroit Winter (Instrumental)
14. I Got You (Instrumental)
15. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (Instrumental)
16. The Bounce (bonus) (Instrumental)
17. Joy (bonus) (Instrumental)

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The Boss Hog Barbarians - Every Hog Has It's Day (J-Zone / Celph-Titled Instrumentals)

01 - Hog Hop [Instrumental]
02 - Givva Hog a Bone [Instrumental]
03 - Bitch, That Ain't Luv! [Instrumental]
04 - Cocksucka [Instrumental]
05 - You Got Mail [Instrumental]
06 - Hog Luv [Instrumental]
07 - Rev. Getright [Instrumental]
08 - Bo$$ Hog Malt Liquor [Instrumental]
09 - Dog Show Pageant [Instrumental]
10 - $teady $mobbin' [Instrumental]
11 - The Weight Debate [Instrumental]
12 - Celph Destruction [Instrumental]
13 - Hell No, Ho! [Instrumental]
14 - J-Zone Hoggamix [Instrumental]
15 - Bo$$ Hoggin' [Instrumental]
16 - $noutro [Instrumental]

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?uestlove Instrumentals

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

01 Distortion to Static
02 What They Do
03 Proceed II
04 Concerto of the Desperado
05 Adrenaline!
06 Clones
07 The Lesson Pt. I
08 Section
09 The Lesson - Part III
10 U.N.I.Verse at War
11 Respond_React
12 Sweetback (Au Natural)
13 Represent
14 Proceed Without a Pause
15 Distortion to Static (At Ease Remix)

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Nuntype Instrumentals - SupremeEx

01 - Prelude (Instrumental)
02 - The Jagged Edged Genesis (Instrumental)
03 - Millions of Fishies (Instrumental)
04 - Formless (Instrumental)
05 - NUN (Instrumental)
06 - Cleanup March (Instrumental)
07 - Baboo Birth (Instrumental)
08 - Hemingway (Instrumental)
09 - Meaning (Extended Instrumental)
10 - Cacophony Carknock (Instrumental)
11 - Babadoo(Instrumental)
12 - Elena (Unreleased)

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Thundertheif - Sandpeople


01. (00:05:01) Thunderstruck
02. (00:03:38) 420
03. (00:02:30) Rule One
04. (00:02:34) Detailed Details
05. (00:03:57) All Seven
06. (00:03:31) Evil Dead
07. (00:02:04) Shut Up CWord
08. (00:03:37) Darking Lot
09. (00:03:03) Particular Apples
10. (00:04:03) Cellular Bee Death
11. (00:04:19) 10 Windy Canyon
12. (00:02:54) What The Fuck Is This Shit
13. (00:04:44) The Full 707
14. (00:04:25) SMP
15. (00:05:12) Barndance
16. (00:02:38) The White Van Gongshow
17. (00:01:01) Lamp
18. (00:01:32) Trillium
19. (00:03:25) Status Meridian
20. (00:10:35) The Journey Begins
21. (00:02:57) The World Is Against Me
22. (00:02:09) The World Is Against Me
23. (00:00:04) One

Playing Time.........: 01:19:53
Total Size...........: 109.73 MB

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"After several years of working on it, my instrumental masterpiece is finally finished! It is a collection of many different styles of drugged out whiteboy hiphop, including slow beats, fast beats, and some shit that doesn't even barely make sense. This is meant to listen to at full volume in the dark after several major bongloads of the sweet mary jane. Or alone on the bus in the rain. Or on your ipod while you wait to use the public internet at the library. Just don't play it when there are more than one person in the room at the same time, as I can't be responsible for the stochastic activity that your encephalographic alpha wave patterns will undergo because of the mixing of your nervous systems.

From the producer that helped bring you such bullshit as Bad Neighbors, Bad Neighbors Strike Back, the Hate, Points Of View, All In Vain, Tied To Things, BSides, and shit like that comes a new breed of shitty internet music to waste your hard earned dollar bills on. It comes screaming across the interweb to occupy your starving ears for the next 79 minutes and 53 seconds (it's the closest I could get to 80 minutes and still have Roxio burn this shit).

It is a journey through millions of parsecs of neurons specifically arranged to generate feelings akin to "music is my only friend". Please do not attempt to escape the laws concerning gravitation, the speed of light, or any other ungoverned universal constants that you may encounter or discover whilst partaking in the experience that is Thunderthief: THE ALBUM…"

Yancey Boys Instrumentals

01 Timeless (Intro) (Instrumental)
02 We Here (Instrumental)
03 R U Listenin' (Instrumental)
04 Alien Family (Instrumental)
05 Strugglin (Instrumental)
06 Showtime (Instrumental)
07 Swagger (Instrumental)
08 DFTF (Instrumental)
09 All Good (Instrumental)
10 Sounds Like Love (Instrumental)
11 Everytime (Instrumental)
12 Illasoul (Instrumental)
13 Air Signs (Instrumental)

Link removed by request

1. (00:04:00) Sabac - Organize
2. (00:03:39) Sabac - Sabacolypse
3. (00:04:22) Sabac - Positive And Negative
4. (00:01:00) Sabac - Revelation 1
5. (00:03:41) Sabac - Protest Music
6. (00:01:26) Sabac - Bacs Anthem
7. (00:05:09) Sabac - Fight Until The End
8. (00:01:18) Sabac - Revelation 2
9. (00:03:47) Sabac - The Scientist (Aids)
10. (00:03:55) Sabac - P.O.W.S
11. (00:04:35) Sabac - Unsolved Mysteries
12. (00:01:33) Sabac - Revelation 3
13. (00:04:10) Sabac - A Change Gon Come
14. (00:04:43) Sabac - Urban Gorillas
15. (00:03:19) Sabac - Speak Militant
16. (00:04:20) Sabac - I Have A Dream
17. (00:03:59) Sabac - A Change Gon Come (Militant Metal Mix)

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