Saturday, April 04, 2009

Brother Ali - The Truth Is Here Instrumentals

01. Real As Can Be
02. Philistine David
03. Little Rodney
04. Palm The Joker
05. Good Lord
06. Baby Don't Go
07. Talkin' My Shit
08. The Believers
09. Begin Here

Bonus from the vinyl version of the EP. All production by Ant.



Freddy Adu said...

its themselves the beats sound a lot like his first album like the samples have similar sounds just flipped differently. it turned me off. i then youtubed a song and the verses was different. i liked that song he did on teh jake one album a lot.

hey my friend liked the beats a lot so that was a bonus

Anonymous said...

Yo This Is Fire, Thanks 4 The Upload!!! I Was Lookin' For The Instrumental To A Track Called "Deeper" By Female Rapper Boss, If Anyone Has Could You Upload That I'd Appreciate It If U Did, Thanx....

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