Thursday, April 09, 2009


Alright heads, another Mega-Drop from yours muthafuckin truly. Just gonna do my usual shit, post up stuff I've been feeling as of late, and hopefully some of y'all dig it. So, onto the beats.

First up we got a free album from the Exponential crew out of Texas. Most are from San Antonio. I honestly NEVER thought I'd say that Texas was my state of choice as far as music goes. That's what is SO dope about this music shit, it completely eliminates boundaries. When I listen to this album, I don't think Texas, I just think that it's Really, really good music. As far as a State goes, I can't think of another in the nation that has dropped so much consistently good music in the past few years, in the Hip/Trip Hop/Electronic genre that is. Anyway, check it out, I have been listening to it a bunch.

Antipop Artists - "Texas" <-- Right Click, Save As

Next up a new single from Emancipator that I found over on his Space... Just your usual shit from him: laid back, layered, well thought out, Great fuckin music... I had a friend refer to it as "Elevator Music" so take that as you want, but I dig his shit and CAN'T WAIT until he drops another album. I see this kid doing some serious production in the next few years. Hope you like.

Emancipator - "Black Lake"

Here we have a little EP from Leaf and one of his boys, DJ Nemeses, together they form "Deztroy". This is a nice little album in the regular Leaf fashion, dope drums over some electric/glitchy samples. Some nice shit here if you like Leaf or anything in that sound-range. I guess this is the first EP in a 5 part series, so more to come on the Deztroy tip. Enjoy.

Deztroy - "Radio EP" <-- "Track 7" is Especially dope.

Next is 2 new tracks I discovered from Glen Porter. Not so much "New" but 2 remixes of a track called "Transient" from his debut LP. This dude is FUCKIN DOPE and I wish there was more from the man. He combines Western sounding Guitar ballads with Hip Hop/Drums SO well. I got high hopes for this dude in the future, keep your eyes & ears open for new Glen Porter.

Glen Porter - "Transient" Remixes <-- Right Click, Save As

Alright, Broken is the producer for the group N9nthCloud, out of Las Vegas. I seen these dudes touring with DJ Egadz not too long ago, and they were pretty dope. Broken did a solo MPC session that night that got me more stoked on their shit, and his production. So, I snagged one album at the show, and found the other on the net. Here they both are for YOU. I prefer 48 Hours more as an album, it's his first Instrumental effort but sounds better than Message In A Bottle, In My Opinion at least.. Anyway, let us know what you think about these discs. I'm curious to see what you think about this dude.

Broken - "48 Hours"

Broken - "Message In A Bottle" **Some Lyrics On This One**

Alright, last but definitely NOT least, is muthafuckin EGADZ! This dude is so unbelievably good I can't say enough about the guy. There are few artists that truly grasp you as you listen to their shit, and I would say that everybody has to at least have one or two artists that treat them the same way. That shit you listen to by yourself, that you PREFER to listen to by yourself, that shit that you just CAN'T PUT DOWN. I have had Egadz' albums on permanent loop since I got them, a day doesn't go by where I don't listen to somethin from the dude. His shit just hits home with me. I know that A LOT of you probably wont feel the same way, but I recommend to everybody that visits this site to check his stuff out. You can buy ALL of his albums on his myspace for 17.95!!! That is ABSURD, 4 albums of some REALLY GOOD music for the cost of your average retail disc. SUPPORT!! He recently was in a car accident and had some of his equipment ruined and can use as much help as possible right now, he's only 2 TRACKS away from releasing another new album.

Anyway, that's all I'm going to say about the guy. DEFINITELY on my Top 5, and he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Try and see him live if you can, he's going to start touring again soon. I saw 2 different shows on his last tour, with a max of 30-50 heads at each sow, and he DESTROYED things @ both shows. No loss of effort from the small crowds, his shit was HOT. So check out the following vid, watch until about 1:52, that is when things get SERIOUS. I made an .mp3 of that vid from 1:52 on and that is what this "Egadz Live" track is. I hope all of you listen to Egadz more, and I hope you appreciate it as much as I do, His shit is BANGING!

Egadz - Live

Alright heads, I hope that is enough to hold you over until the next Dose! Until then.... PEACE.


Anonymous said...

being a white person who loves hip hop i have questioned if i should continue a path as an artist. racism and cultural theft are issues that plague my mind and plague underground white hip hop. and posts like this make me question it more. i know we are trying to innovate. but that shit aint hip hop really. no offense.

that being said i think i dug glen porter before. but after watching egadz and listening to emancipator i have to say thats how i felt. i'm gonna give that texas shit a try. peace.

Anonymous said...

there are alot of respected white artist in hip hop. If you are dope you are dope, enough said, no matter what color you are.

sir jeffrey said...

Who cares if it was 'hip hop' or not? Don't try to pigeon hole great music. It sounds like you're stuck in the past.

PFC said...

What is the best egadz album to check out?

nawledge said...


I feel ya mang. I felt the exact same way years ago back when I was listening to TONS of Pete Rock & shit, I wouldn't give anything that I just posted a second listen... But, over time my ears developed to enjoy a different sound, that's all it is, just a different sound. Some people dig it, some don't. I respect your opinion no doubt, and no offense taken when sayin it "Aint" Hip Hop. It may or may not be, all that matters is that it's something NEW, and I think it sounds good.

PS: You probably WONT like the Texas album then.


PUSHING BUTTONS EP... Without a fuckin doubt, in my opinion is EASILY his best work.

Check that album out first.

Anonymous said...


yea i respect that. i shouldnt have flown off the handle with the comments. sometimes its better just to listen to the music and not see the artists for me. sometimes i dont even like to know the artist names or names of songs. i like shit better that way.

yea i shouldnt be so negative overall and i'm sorry for talkin all that shit. sometimes you gotta air it out sometimes not.

thx for doin such a great site tho. peace.

Shane Keaney said...

First off I'm digging emancipator, so thanks for the tip! To Anonymous: It's 2009, aren't we beyond "this is Hip-Hop" "This is black, this is white" kind of thinking? Lines can't be drawn that easily, the world is shades of gray. I'm white and when I was young I had a secret love of Hip-Hop, since I wasn't black and didn't feel cool enough to "own it" but I got over that shit and I'm confident in what I like, now Hard core or 'elevator'. Call it electronic music if you want to. Africa Bambaataa, sampled Kraftwerk, it's all interconnected, it's music. IT'S MUSIC.

Anonymous said...

hey sorry for the random request, but could someone please upload the instrumental for Delinquent Habits - Tres Delinquentes? thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

i wish the blog poster wouldn't curse as much. it takes away from the quality of the description. you can laugh but i'm serious and i'm not a hater; i got mad love for the post and the writer. thanks for everysing.

Easton West / HCLC said...

I read this blog religiously and I don't really even like rap (just beats). Don't get me wrong, I don't hate rap music. Dude just has a really great taste in music. As a designer this is a great way for me to hear up and coming producers or find instrumentals of old classics. The head nod is a vital element in my creativity.

Anonymous said...

That 48 hours by broken is sick, shame about the 96kbps quality though.. Does anyone have a higher quality version?

I have to agree with Shane one this one, Music is pretty fucking diverse, and last time I've heard Hip-Hop/Rap (whatever you like to call it) IS music, right?

djespionage said...

interesting comments...i don't think it makes sense to focus exclusively on one artist, but since emancipator seems to be the lightening rod for this issue, might as well focus on him.

from my perspective emancipator isn't really hip-hop -- accomplished break-based production, but definitely not something i'd expect the 'real heads' to gravitate towards. i'd almost consider it downtempo pop.

that being said, i don't think it matters. there are a lot of different reasons to listen to instrumental production, and emancipator is more accomplished at what he does (building melodies over breaks) than most. it might not be hip-hop, but it's a derivative extension -- and it's done well. the "shook ones" remix not withstanding.

there's music that could be pop because the melodies are that strong -- and then there's music that was clearly *calculated* to be pop to make more $$. i don't see any reason to call the former wack on principle.

Anonymous said...

(same anonymous as first)

yea i dont hate it for being pop. i'm a fan of all music but i like all types of music besides white music the most. i wouldnt even call it pop. its like electronic. and yea kraftwerk is cool. i'd rather listen to kraftwerk than this anyday. i dont wanna argue but i wanted to clarify. i dont like this waste of white money fake avantgarde bullshit that is all over the place. these people should be spending their money to help somebody not to get famous making music and acting like they are so serious. shit aint that serious. its music. and in this murderous hell of a world we live in...having a little show with 30 rich white people at it doesnt make you serious.

that being said i shouldnt waste my time talking about this. but here i am. i am conflicted indeed. but all in all i would rather listen to oppressed peoples music than music that transcends the genre so hard that its basically "better" than the genre it draws its inspiration and act hard card from.

can we really afford to make music for other rich white people with our time when the world burns around us?

Anonymous said...

(same dude again)

yea forget everything i said

do you its all love



Anonymous said...

The post is great, although I've heard it way back.
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Ropedizzle said...

@ Anonymous... I kinda got what you were saying, but then you went off the deep end. In terms of agreeing with your original point, I would say I also find it discouraging that Eminem (and to a lesser extent Asher Roth, who is fucking terrible) get elevated to this massive mainstream level and are christened "The greatest rapper alive" basically because they are white and white people feel they can "relate" (my opinion only), while there are so many other rappers out there doing it better but stuck in obscurity.

But your last comments about white people and music (quote "can we really afford to make music for other rich white people with our time when the world burns around us?") were really out there. So white people shouldn't make music in general, or they should only make "white" music? Or is it that rich people shouldn't make music, only poor people? What if someone is poor and then they make music which brings them tons of money, can they still make music worth listening to?

There is so much diversity in music, there is something for everyone. You can't get stuck too much on black and white. I would also guess that these guys aren't making much money and aren't really rich (don't know whether or not they have family money or whatever, just mean from the music). If you really want to listen to "oppressed" people's music, then you shouldn't be listening to music from the US in general. There are so many cultures more oppressed than ours here.

Also, on a side note, I think a lot of the artists on the Texas comp and that label are latino. Does they count as an oppressed people, or since they're not making music that neatly fits in a genre box, does it even matter?

p0lymer said...

ropedizzle.. no, it doesn't matter.

being a latino from SA myself, i know firsthand that music and art creativity transcend out of socio-economic disparity without any regard to color or creed.

i've been familiar with ernest gonzales' label for some time now, and those cats are putting out some rather good product, somewhat reminiscent of the Merck camp.

Ropedizzle said...

p0lymer...word. I only recently became familiar with the label after hearing the Aether album (which is fucking amazing) and looking into some of his aliases. They're putting out a lot of really cool sounding stuff, I hope they keep doing it and get more shine.

Anonymous said...

i was mostly commenting on the egadz show. i guess do you but it just seems a waste to make music for this art crowd of middle to upper class white people and have shows and be up on stage acting like you are going so hard.

i mean the culture you are borrowing from is originally born out of a desire to have a good, safe time for the people who didnt have nothing in the apartments of the bronx and nyc.

ropedizzle you are right about there being much more oppressed people out there and that then us music doesnt seem so oppressed. its just a greater problem that is going on that i am having trouble with. i shouldnt hate anybody. i appreciate you being so peaceful and understanding in your response.

its just there are so many people out there disrespecting the culture of hip hop and other oppressed peoples culture that it is disconcerting. egadz is prolly cool and i'm sure he doesnt think the world is fair either. i should lay off cuz really this site is not the place to bring this up. all of these artists do a very hard job of trying to respect the culture.

i guess the problem is everything is all jumbled up and fucked up on this planet. and i get caught up with it.

CHUCK said...

ya said ya dont like much shit that comes out of texas, sure theres alot of wack shit thats come out in the last 9 years, but take it back 2 decades and ya got dudes like the Geto Boys and the whole early rap-a-lot crew, K-rino and the SPC, all those dudes have been pioneering shit for the south over 20 years, ya must of heard tracks like Geto Boys - "Minds Playing Tricks On Me" and shit like that, with a open mind for music like ya got, i figured youd appreciate the classics from texas, im probably wrong as fuck, ya might of been talkin bout the latest bubble gum gangsta trendy fagget rap thats plagued the t.v recently, let us know ya opinion on the old south

all bullshit aside, man, i appreciate all the dope music ya been supplying over the last few years, been some real gems on here, and considering ya do it out of generosity and for the love of the music, it makes the shit that better to listen to

Anonymous said...

"all bullshit aside, man, i appreciate all the dope music ya been supplying over the last few years, been some real gems on here, and considering ya do it out of generosity and for the love of the music, it makes the shit that better to listen to"


thanks SB fam.

Anonymous said...

i paid for EGADZ digital discography to try and support his stuff, and they never sent me an email with a download link - won't even reply to the 3 emails a week i've been sending them to hook me up! seriously impacted my love for this guys music. load of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

a link to his pushing buttons LP i've been lookin for it and found nothing. great dude btw!

Suhov said...

íííí great!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

broken has changed my life