Sunday, April 12, 2009

MidiMarc & DJ Cannon Banyon "Shootin The Breeze"

Don't judge it by the bizarre cover, definitely worth checking out as MidiMarc usually comes with soulful shit. This is no exception:

(128 kb/s)


Anonymous said...

I LIKE....

Schyler said...

Could you please post the instrumental version of Omega One and Lodeck's "Postcards from the Third Rock?"
Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

this album has just turned my day around...and i'm only half way through (reminds of the bullfrog interlude).many thanks

Anonymous said...

not a bad album, nothing earth shattering either.


ok off topic since I can't find the blog entry..

I just got that 10,000 lanterns by dj espionage.. sick. alot of these beatsmiths sample a loop and call it a day, I appreciate the arrangements and other elements that make up the beats.

As for myself I used to make beats, but they are NOT great. I'm talking MIDI loops! Nothing better than crappy sounding computer instruments.. it's been about a year or more since I did any production. I need some ambition, and motivation to get me back on the beats.. I always start a beat and can never get anything out of it.. (fruity loops is a bitch, If I had the money I'd get on that digging in the crates shit and buy an as load of vynal an MPC, and Sampler..

Lately I've been listening to more and more varied music so I know I can make some better beats... with dare I say.. Fruity Loops.

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