Monday, August 24, 2009

Obsidian Blue - Soul Conditioning

1- Soul Intro
2- Exhibition
3- Desert Sands
4- Condescension
5- Too Strong
6- Why?
7- Miles Ahead
8- Breath Of Life
9- Stratosphere
10- The Cycle
11- Twilight
12- Oscar & John
13- Crosswords rmx (Feat Eye + Eye)
14- Whatever You Say Rmx (Feat Little Brother)
15- 4th Departure (Away From Here)

Download Soul Conditioning Here!

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Anonymous said...

wow this guy is amazing!

jonn said...

dam this is dope

tony said...

fantastic flow !!!

Anonymous said...

Proved to be a nice surprise. Thanks for posting.


Anonymous said...


RezO said...

Not as impressive as his previous works, most notably "Sound Design"....but 4th Departure made me wanna have a hippie-named love child with Sade on a white sand beach somewhere exotic...