Thursday, August 13, 2009

Various artists - Kurz und Schmerzlos Soundtrack (1998)

I ran across this soundtrack while preparing some of the vinyl collection for storage and thought I'd share the rip. I picked this up somewhat randomly and thus have no background -- obviously, it's a soundtrack to a late-90's German film based entirely on German hip-hop. The vinyl copy came with instrumentals, which I've linked here:

I haven't provided a track listing here, but the discogs link is here. I'd have to say I only kept this record around for a single track, the "Patrice" joint which is a nice head-nodder.


Anonymous said...

Over 20 years on the web and this is my first time ever posting a comment. After reading the description of this instrumental download, you could easily assume it's nothing more than another hiphop instrumental selection... but man this is that head nodding, banging, crankin, slammin, chillout (golden era appeal) type of beats that I long to find. If it wasn't for beat makers like Apollo Brown and cats like this, I would throw my PC in the trash. Man this is that life saver, life changing kind of hiphop beats you need in this corny rap era. Thanks Strictly Beats!!! You are relevant and you do matter whether you've been told this a million times or not. Props!!! - In DC

Anonymous said...

hey..many thanks for this:)
could you post the complete soundtrack? i couldn't find it on p2p or other sources:(..thanks for the great sounds once again.

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Anonymous said...

wait a minute, over twenty years on the web? that's awesome! i never thought i'd get to "meet" tim berners-lee. you're legend you are.

more importantly, thank you for the up. it's well and truly magic.

Anonymous said...

whooho thanx a lot, random's beeing perfect this time.

btw this is not the real soundtrack, just music inspired from the movie.the movie isn't really focused on hip hop.

Anonymous said...

scheisse! all links died. can you put it again?

Anonymous said...

Hello, it's possible to re-up this soundtrack please ?

The link is dead :(

Thanks !