Saturday, December 06, 2008

back to hiphop

Here is 74 Hiphop instrumentals from my vault that you might have, but probably don't.

There are joints from Babu's Duck Season 3, The Layover, Tronic, and various other projects.

No Tracklist

Click here for part 1

Click here for part 2



freddy adu said...

thanks spiv. u a dope emcee by the way.

Anonymous said...

for a "dope emcee" you have terrible sentence structure, per say.

Espiv said...

I wish people would get off my nuts. I'm mainly speaking to the few haters that continue to jump on each of my posts and leave a comment that has no purpose outside of talking shit.

So if not for me, for the sake of keeping the blog cleaner, keep your comments to yourself.

Anonymous said...

the first zip-file's end is reported to be broken. WinRar is not aible to extract one of these files

Anonymous said...

Where are the Duck Season 3 joints?

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