Saturday, December 06, 2008

Stevo - Another Space Odyssey
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"I'd consider myself a friend/fan/listener of Stevo for awhile now, and as these guys develop, more and more, I personally feel Stevo & Elaquent are equal to, if not better then Flying Lotus/Gaslamp/Daddy Kev and alot of these other producers who get massive amounts of praise in the industry. Then again, assholes are like opinions, everyone has one.
So who cares what I think, you shouldn't.
  1. Intro
  2. Neutron Star
  3. Aurora
  4. Sky And Diamonds
  5. Solar Wind
  6. Rise With The Sun
  7. Too Much Nebula
  8. Refracting Telescope
  9. Alien Jazz Ensemble
  10. Milky Way Driver
  11. Druggy Astronaut
  12. Evil Forces
  13. Zodiac Collection
  14. Sittin On The Moon
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If you missed the first one from Stevo which some say they liked better;
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