Saturday, March 07, 2009

Blue Sky Black Death - The Evil Jeanius Instrumentals

01. Shadows Forever
02. Ahead Of The Game
03. Strikes
04. Threats
05. A Way With Me
06. Even On Your Best Day
07. Take It Back
08. Lights Out
09. Nobody'll Do It For You
10. It's Still A Love Song

Update: on no post list. BALEETED


balázs said...

This is a very good one. Thanks.

balázs said...

Hey, the first track's first loop seems to coming from this one:

Am I right?

zhdenny said...

Nice find Balazs. I think you're right. I love it when I can pick out obscure samples/loops

Anonymous said...

very different sound, but hard to get into though. may take a few listens. so far "A Way With Me" seems to be good, good obscure samples but can get repetitive at times feels incomplete, I guess they made these beats to rap too.

Anonymous said...

that's it. my favorite tracks are 5, 7, 8, 10 (track 7 sounds the most complete but track 10 comes a close second)

but overall a great listen.

Antonio said...

I do not comment very often (my bad), but thanks.
Your work is really appreciated.

sir jeffrey said...

good post

dzell9 said...

Thanks much! This particular drop sounds very promising.

Van. said...

dzell9 said...

I appreciate the beatmaker's ability to compose various tracks but this cd, I must say after due consideration, isn't good. If we live long enough, maybe I'll take a liking in the author's next instrumental drop. Who knows?

Peace, by all means

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Anonymous said...

but beats the pants off any kanye/9th wonder/j dilla/premo wannabe if they used the same sample.

only real faults is the existing chorus/hooks (Even On Your Best Day) which should have been removed!