Saturday, March 28, 2009

CunninLynguists - Strange Journey Volume One

01. Nothing But Strangeness
02. Move
03. Spark My Soul
04. Never Come Down
05. Die For You
06. Don’t Leave (When The Winter Comes)
07. The Distance
08. Broken Van (Thinking Of You)

Album comes out in May, but pre-orders shipped in late March with bonus instrumentals. Actual album is also 16 tracks, but take away the skits and beats from Dirty Acres and there you go. All tracks produced by Kno.



9@home said...

Hey, how have you got your copy already and I'm still waiting for mine? I am so not going to DL this, even if it kills me, cos I wanna listen to my real, legit copy. You know, if for once I actually buy something, I don't wanna cheapen the sense of righteousness. ;)

i dunno said...

Meh, I heard Dirty Acres before my copy came in. Didn't bother me.

And unlike my Dirty Acres pre-order, the CD case came intact!

Anonymous said...

The 'beats from Dirty Acres' aren't just the same tracks rehashed.. they're remixes with new verses/guests and Kno tweaked the beats. I too am awaiting my copy eagerly. I'l admit it, I'm a 'Stan' fan when it comes to the CunninLynguists.. they're the tops..

Anonymous said...

i like cunnin a lot. thanks man i will be checkin this. much respect due to cunnin and you. peace

i dunno said...

Dance For Me has a new beat, but the other two are pretty much the same beat rearranged for the new rappers. KKKY got a new interlude in it, but it's the same main loop.

None of this takes away from the project being dope, especially since they they were great beats to begin with.

I Shot The Radio said...

Still waiting for my copy!!

I'm right with ya 9@home, this makes the first album I've bought in years. except I'll probably dl after I get it in the mail so I can hang the freshly mint (signed-with bonus instro's) CD on my bedroom wall

vincentlopez said...

Thanks again and again!

Anonymous said...

With the exception of Sloppy Seconds Vol. 1, I can say my CL collection is complete. Kno put out a few instrumental or better yet "excremental" compilations if heads didn't know already. Deacon has a solo effort, I think SOS/Natti done some solo magic too.

Anonymous said...