Thursday, March 12, 2009

Snowgoons - The Snowgoons Instrumentals

German Lugers Instrumentals

01. Heads Or Tails
02. Never
03. Gunz
04. Teacher's Trademark
05. No Guts No Glory
06. German Lugers
07. Black Woods
08. Real World
09. Show Love
10. Man Of The Year
11. It's Yours
12. Nothin' You Say
13. No Man's Land
14. Offensive Lineup
15. Wait A Minute


Black Snow Instrumentals

01. The Curse
02. Black Snow
03. Casualties of War
04. Who?
05. This Is Where The Fun Stops
06. Hold Up
07. Starlight
08. Knockatomi Plaza
09. Pay Attention
10. Serve Justice
11. Still Got The Ammo
12. Ride On
13. Incite A Riot
14. Lost
15. Still Waters Run Deep
16. Raining
17. Sick Life
18. The Storm
19. Avalanche Warning
20. The Hatred
21. Helpless

Update: label is on no post list. BALEETED


Anonymous said...

ill i$h

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sick beats, Is it just me or does Snowgoons have a similar sound to Blue Sky Black Death? (excluding the high-pitched vocal samples of course!)

Anonymous said...

Black Snow is vastly improved over German Lugers. The beats sound more lush and less repetitive.

If you do pick up the vocal versions only a few tracks are bearable with such subpar emcees.

'Nothing You Say' is easily the best song off German Lugers, instrumental or w/ vocal.

The Rhymeweaver said...

thanks for the dope links man

Mikkel(norway) said...

Snowgoons music is DOPE! Their beats almost kills me every time i put on one of their songs! It surprises me that their not as famous as for example Kanye.. Cause Snowgoons is tha real shit, tha real Hip Hop :D

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coksuker said...

Don't be. They need to suck some more cock before they can be as popular as Kayne. Kayne is champ cock sucker. makes my girlfriend jealous (and she's a whore).

Anonymous said...