Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Small Pro

01. large pro vs. small pro - the entroducing
02. large pro vs. small pro - moon and stars
03. large pro vs. small pro - everyone
04. large pro vs. small pro - dap
05. large pro vs. small pro - anytime (party time)
06. large pro vs. small pro - red hot
07. large pro vs. small pro - jeru
08. large pro vs. small pro - what you waited all year for
09. large pro vs. small pro - classic (emergency)
10. large pro vs. small pro - noyd
11. large pro vs. small pro - hot, sizzling and other similiar synonyms
12. large pro vs. small pro - like this
13. large pro vs. small pro - sewed up
14. large pro vs. small pro - from the meadows


01. the smile rays - chicken (small pro remix)
02. 100dbs feat. sirah and hicoup - long island and jersey (small pro remix)
03. c.l. smooth feat. skyzoo - perfect timing (small pro remix)
04. emilio rojas - young, fresh, and fly (small pro remix)
05. prolyphic and reanimator - artist goes pop (small pro remix)
06. jelani - jelani the mc (small pro remix)
07. zilla rocca - flow god zilla (small pro remix)
08. shawn jackson feat. guilty simpson - strategies (small pro remix)
09. capone-n-noreaga - follow the dollar (small pro remix)
10. the roots - 75 bars (small pro remix)
11. (bonus) random feat. ohene - art of war (small pro remix)
12. (bonus) random - push (small pro remix)
13. (bonus) bless 1 - angular slang (small pro remix)



Redz from North Philly! said...

What up Espiv. Your my dude and everything but I am not feeling this Small Pro guy at all. Does he do production for Gillie Da Kid or something,LMAO!!!!!

I remeber a while back he came on here talkin all that ish about some other dudes tape when he's not all that himself! Other than that you guys at SB are doing a great job.

???????? said...


Anonymous said...

small pro joint is wack, whats up w. the large pro instros

Espiv said...

just posted it for a friend(small pro).

I've honestly not even listened to it yet. Just felt like posting his stuff.

Medium Pro said...

Small Pro aint got nothing on Large Pro. Dude is wack as hell. Thanks for the drop though Espiv!

mad4bad said...

there's not even a single instro on here......... wtf???
if i wanted mceeing, i'd go somewhere else. i dont think the beats are that bad, but keep it intrumental plz

Pagal Bhai Salami said...

Another "Myspace" producer! I wouldnt mind if once in a blue moon you dropped a couple of vocal joints if they were actually rare and or really good. But this guy is wack as hell!

By the way what ever happened to sorry ass nosleep? He did all that self-promoting and disappeared.

the sound of life said...

Small Pro is doing this thing regardless, The homie been putting in work and effort into his craft. Keep doin what you do pro!

Small Pro said...

this aint isntrumental! lol

Mechanic Boogaloo Sooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...


Anonymous said...

man i'd love to get the small pro instrumentals for the remixed tracks. ignore these bozos that shit is dope as hell. post these beats please!!

Harry said...

His name is "Small Professor"....enough said.

Espiv said...

all the haters, i still haven't even listened, but your getting some positive feedback in the cbox.

Jason@PSB said...

i was actually feelin these beats. in fact, feelin them more than those snowgoons tracks, i expected more.

what's up with all the hate??? classic classic classic, emergency! anyways, instrumentals would be dope.

Tampa Pirate said...

Whats up with the instrumentals? If I wanted to listen to vocals I would have gone to another site. Espiv, I am not trying to hate. Just my personal opinion. Other than that you guys are doing great. Never heard of the Small Professor dude. Has he done production for anyone note worthy? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Yo, man! What happen to the instrumentals? All talk and no action. I downloaded these joints thinking thery were instros? Que pasa, Whats the deal "Mayne"!!!!!!

Anonymous said...