Wednesday, July 21, 2010

astroLogical - “Living Fossils LP”

<a href="">Intromood by Jellyfish Recordings</a>


Anonymous said...

Get the heck out of here. BOOGIE stop playing man. Another one? Oh my GOD!!!

SB heads, it's another one. More of the INCREDIBLE. I repeat, more of the INCREDIBLE!!! What the heck? Man it's Christmas in July at Strictly Beats heads.

Got damn, this release is more fire. Second to none fire at that. Are we in redemption mode or is SB at war or something because they are posting nothing but pure bangers and pure quality right now. REAL QUALITY!!!

Now we know why this site has been around so long. BOOGIE and the rest of the SB crew are true to this.

DOWNLOAD without delay... this is a MUST HAVE. I repeat, THIS IS A MUST HAVE.

Guaranteed to be that 100% certified INCREDIBLE!!!

Espiv said...

Yea this is pretty dope if I say so myself.

BenEvolent said...

I like what I'm hearing, cheers.

snackz on deck said...


Anonymous said...

this is ill.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is real dope. Smart too. That's right - all you have to do is throw in some slight scratching every now and then, or sample a dude rapping for a few secs on a couple songs, and you will widen up your audience to include a ton of the hip hop heads out there.