Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Freddy Finger - Strictly Beats Exclusive

Freddy, was kind enough to drop by and bless us with this 4-track exclusive beat tape. Enjoy, and make sure to show Freddy some love if your feeling the beats.........


1 - What I Mean - 3:46
2 - It Starts With You - 4:35
3 - Into Existence - 3:57
4 - The Moment - 4:51


Freddy Finger - What I Mean

Check out Freddy's bandcamp page for his other albums/downloads!


Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

Props for this, thanks Freddy!

schroeder said...

Good stuff Freddy.

Checkin out 12 am Breeze as I type this and I'm diggin it as well. Lookin forward to checking out Recline.

Anonymous said...

hell yeah. strictly beats back on the job. two posts in a row of the hotness. this one is crazy fly and smoother than a muther. thanks again to all involved.

Anonymous said...

this is the shit, the shit, the shit, the shit, the shit, the shit....... makes my brain skip, skip, skip, skip, skip.

freddy you're a monster!

"it starts with you" i love it.

i love it all. peace.