Monday, May 21, 2007

First Come, First Served

Dr Dooom - First Come, First Served (Instrumentals)

A1 No Chorus (2:26)
A2 Apartment 223 (4:54)
A3 Neighbors Next Door (3:57)
A4 I Run Rap (4:21)
B1 You Live At Home With Your Mom (4:00)
B2 Housing Authority (4:18)
B3 Welfare Love (3:44)
B4 Dr. Dooom's In The Room (4:32)
C1 Call The Cops (4:16)
C2 Brothers Feel Fly (3:52)
C3 Sideline (4:23)
C4 Bitch Gets No Love (2:58)
D1 Body Bag (3:32)
D2 Mental Case (3:48)
D3 Leave Me Alone (5:03)
D4 Live (3:08)


s_p said...

cannot download?

R said...

nice one.

just discovered this site today and it's like everything i've been looking for since like 10 years ago. thanks so much for having this.

Antonio said...

Thanks for all the good stuff you post...

Pachecito said...

Please post again :(.