Saturday, May 19, 2007

Necro - Jackie Mittoo - Best Of Various Instrumentals

Sup Again Fam... So all of a sudden I realized that not very many Necro Instrumentals had been posted up here, so I decided to drop Brutality Pt.1 Instrumentals for y'all... Normally I'd start with the Gory Days Instrumentals, but I don't have those, so if somebody could up those at some point I'm sure everybody would appreciate it. Or if anybody has Necro Instrumentals Vol.1, the one with the Yellow Cover, I been needin that for a while so if anybody could help with that, I'd owe you... Anyway, onto Brutality, DEFINATELY some Ill Shit on here, Street Veteran is still one of my All Time Favorite Instant Classic Pure Epic Bangers, Pick this shit up...

Necro - Brutality Pt.1 Instrumentals

1. I'm Your Idol
2. Dopesick
3. Reign In Blood
4. Street Veteran
5. Swordfish
6. Anguish & Aggression
7. The Big Sleep
8. White Slavery
9. Scumbags
10. Frank Zito
11. Our Life
12. Morbid Shit
13. Every Second Someone Dies
14. Fire
15. Talking Shit
16. Watch Ya Toes
17. The Big Sleep (Remix)

Next up we got Jackie Mittoo.... This guy is DOPE. I have no way of describing his sound, the best way to put it is that it sounds like some Bob James Reggae Fusion Shit. Super Jazzy and Melodic, and Jackie's a keyboard player, so there's ill solo keyboard work on every track. This Disc is Fuckin Ill, I've had it on Loop since I got it, listen to the track "Sledgehammer" and you'll see what I'm talkin about... I HIGHLY recommend pickin this up, I gurantee you won't find too many discs or artists out there with a similar sound, cause this Dude was on some original shit when he dropped this.

Jackie Mittoo - Reggae Magic!

1. Too Late To Turn Back Now
2. For All We Know
3. Steady Rock
4. Someday Soon
5. Bananas
6. Wintergreen
7. Alone Again, Naturally
8. Wishful Thinking
9. Smoke Gets In The Eyes
10. Sledgehammer
11. Telstar
12. Reggae Magic!

And finally, I got a little Best Of Various Instrumentals that I tossed up the other night... Basically a whole bunch of Random Bangers I came across diggin thru my Library. Probably some shit you've heard, and some shit you haven't heard. The 2 Instrumentals from PUTS are from these Mushroom Jazz Compilations that came out a few years back, so maybe some of you missed those. I got them on a random Mix CD, and the dude that gave them to me said that's where they were from, I actually haven't investigated it, so if anybody know a different story regarding those Beats, please let us know... Hope everybody enjoys these posts, I decided to hold out on the Best Of Hydra because I'm sure that everybody already has all the shit I was going to post as I got most of it from WYDU, as I'm sure that's where alot of you got your copies as well, so no need to get to that right away... Let me know what y'all want: More Necro?? More Dub?? More Experimental Electronic Ish?? Pz.

Best Of - Various Instrumentals

1. Masta Ace - NY Confidential
2. Cella Dwellas - Good Dwellas
3. Cocoa Brovaz & Afu-Ra - D&D Soundclash
4. Glue - Vessel
5. PUTS & Mushroom Jazz - Instrumental 1
6. PUTS & Mushroom Jazz - Instrumental 2
7. Robust - Instrumental
8. Artifacts - Wrong Side Of Da Tracks
9. A.D.O.R. - Let It All Hang Out
10. Immortal Technique - The Prophecy
11. RZA - Flying Birds
12. Smarties Riddim
13. The Grouch - The March
14. Three Six Mafia - Poppin' My Collar


thearmadilloshuffle said...

yo me and my crew are looking for that old school jazz/hip hop shit. you know, tribe, de la, stuff like that. if you got anything of the sort we would be so thankful if you put it up here.

JER said...

'sup nawledge,
thanks for putting this stuff up man. hedz might not give thanks to you that often, but we appreciate what you're all doing here - spreading love for classic and slept-on beats.
jus keep on doin what you're doin

MrFan said...

Good looking out on the Necro! I can't believe he is not more sought after for tracks. I need more Necro!- and mid 90s rap-a-lot or suave house beats. Keep up the good work, thanks.

Killaking27 said...

yo man i cant download brutality instrumentals. are u sure they're up at rapidshare? I went there and it said it might not have been downloadded for 60 days, deleted by owner, or didnt fit with their terms of use.. Can you help me out? Thanks!

freqazoidiac said...

I live in Canada, where "reggae magic" was recorded, and it's a rare album. the closest I have been to finding a copy, is to peek inside the sleeve of a 1980 12" on Taxi by the Tamlins, their song 'baltimore' and the CTL (canadian) cover of reggae magic was used as the sleeve! I am heart broken it's only the sleeve, turned inside out to house a single.
I wonder why this has happened.. was it overstock, or oversight?