Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Reggae Jams: Leroy Horsemouth Wallace & Augustus Pablo

Alright, what's up again Fam... Got a taste of the Island here for everybody to relaxe and zone out to. First off is a few cuts off an album from Leroy Wallace AKA Horsemouth. He was part of this group, Inner Circle, back in the late 70's/ early 80's and he did various production work before & after that, mainly a drummer though. You might be familiar with Inner Circle from the theme song from COPS, you know, Bad Boys Bad Boys, Whatcha gon do.... Anyway, Horsemouth is ILL, pure dope, I don't know if any of you have seen the movie Rockers or not, but he has a big role in that, it's a fuckin hilarious flick if you haven't seen it though, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT, pure Grimey Greazy Rastafari Street Shit. Gangsta Shit... These tracks are nice, only 6 of 'em but they're all smooth. Heavy Dub Style Stuff. Alright, here's the goods...

Leroy (Horsemouth) Wallace - Original Armageddon Dub

[link removed at artist's request]

1. I Want To Dub
2. Armageddon Dub
3. Marcus Garvey Dub
4. Freedom Dub
5. Rastaman Dub
6. Reggae Dub

Next off, we got Augustus Pablo... Now this guy's claim to fame is that he took the standard Melodica (in picture above) and basically played it as a serious musical instrument. You'll definately recognize the sound... Augustus did various production work around Jamaica, usually focusing on Collaboration Projects. I like his sound, but it's a little much to take in Heavy Dose's, in my opinion, dope to have on a mix or some shit though... Anyway, take a listen and Drop some Comments, I got some more Dub shit if everybody's feelin this stuff. Peace.

Augustus Pablo - This is Augustus Pablo

1. Dub Organizer
2. Please Sunrise
3. Point Blank
4. Arabian Rock
5. Pretty Baby
6. Pablo In Dub
7. Skateland Rock
8. Dread Eye
9. Too Late
10. Assignment No.1
11. Jah Rock
12. Lover's Mood
13. Java Original
14. Guiding Red

Here's the Intro to that Flick ROCKERS I mentioned above. It'll give you a little taste of what it's all about... Check it Out.


Stepin said...

Augustus Pablo is a pure genius. Glad to see different kind of music, and we are style into the beats subjects cause these men have inspired many producter. "East of the river nile" is one of the song used for various artist (see flipmode squad - "Last night").
Thanks for this blog

DGK_HOLLA said...

real real ill..
rockers is sick..horsemouth hilarious.. augustus is the king of dub.. much respect..


Jez Alder said...

yes please, definitely more dub. brilliant stuff.