Sunday, May 27, 2007

Random Sh*t... A Grab Bag Of Sorts.

Wassup Fam... Got some random cuts here that were jumpin out at me for various reasons. First off I'll start with some Primo, I told SevenLeaf waaaay back that I'd hook him with this Intro that I had from one of Premier's Crooklyn Cuts Tapes. This is the Intro from Tape A / Side A (I'm pretty sure), it's the only one I got and I hope to get the rest...

DJ Premier - Intro Crooklyn Cuts Tape A >>

Next off is the Instrumental of The Format from Primo. The Banger he dropped for AZ a while back... Nothin new, just a str8 heater. Feels like your drivin around in Miami at night with Shades on & sheeit... That Wild Night Life Shit.

DJ Premier - The Format >>

This one here is completely random... I was watchin Fulfill The Dream the other day, the old Shorty's Vid, anyway I got to Aaron Snyder's part and forgot about the PURE EPIC BANGER track that he used for his part... It's this track called "Consequences" by some fool "Haj F"?? And it's featuring another fool, somethin like "Karimah" or somethin... Anyway, I was diggin around for that track and came across the Cut that Muska produced for the Intro of the Video... It's a pretty dope beat, if you're familiar with tha vid at all then you'll recognize this jam within the first few seconds. Nothin wack like Muskabeatz... Anyway, here ya go (OH, and if anybody has that track mentioned above "Consequences" by Haj F, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I've been searching for that piece of gold for years with No Luck)::

Chad Muska - Fulfill The Dream >>

Word... Then I got the urge to watch Scarface for some reason... You gotta get that yearly viewing in you know. It's like Half-Baked. Anyway, got to that part in the Flick when they first dip to Colombia and that Jazzy Flute cut is playin. That got me thinkin about the Track "Peruvian Cocaine" from Immortal Technique, in which he uses that sample and how I had that Instrumental sittin around somewhere. So here it is::

Immortal Technique - Peruvian Cocaine (Prod. By Southpaw) >>

I basically was on a Movie Binge because after that I got down with one of the Best Flicks of all time... KIDS. If you ain't seen it, your asleep... Anyway, ILL Flick with an ILL soundtrack, soooo many CLASSIC Instrumentals playin in the Background throughout that movie. First time I heard Crooklyn Dodgers. First Time I heard Wrong Side Of Da Tracks. Pure Classic. Too bad they weren't included in the actual soundtrack... But, this track was included on the other hand. And it's FUCKIN DOPE. It's entitled Jenny's Theme, it's the cut that's playin when they're all walkin down the middle of the street Posse style, that fool Harold is skatin ahead. The scene that's on the cover. Anyway, it's in the movie a few other times, you'll recognize it people... Such a chilling jam, reminds me of Executioner Style from Kool G Rap on 4,5,6... The Drums at least. GET THIS TRACK!!

The Folk Implosion - Jenny's Theme >>

And near the Bottom of this Bag we got some Necro Shit... I tossed up some random cuts and I also put up the links that Merv dropped in the Shout Box a bit back... Didn't want them to get over-looked. Here's the Full Albums::

Necro - Instrumentals Vol.1 >> ** THANKS MERV **

Necro - Gory Days Instrumentals >> ** THANKS MERV **

Merv made a mention about the Vol.1 not being complete, it is missing two tracks, I got one of them right here::

Necro - The Most Sadistic Instrumental >>

The other track missing is "Your F*ckin Head Split" so if anybody has that... OH, and Gory Days is also missing Track #15, "24 Shots" so if anybody has that one let us all know... Then we got the track 4W's from Non Phixion, Necro didn't produce this cut, this other fool 10K put together this Dark Ass Beat. Pure Graveyard Shit. One of my favorite Non Phixion Tracks...

Non Phixion - 4W's (Prod. By 10K) >>

FINALLY... The last track I'm going to present is still on the subject of Non Phixion, but it does go against the rules of the Blog, It's got Vocals, I'm telling you that right now... BUT, it is the first recording of Non Phixion as a group (WKCR 1994) AND it is EASILY one of the DOPEST Necro Beats ever. Produced in 1994... Don't Front. I mean come on, Non Phixion with Serch?? Can't go wrong... I can only imagine if they would have stayed together.

Non Phixion - Revolutionize >>

Aight Y'all, one Heap of a post from my ass, so I'm goin Lazy for a bit... Tell me what y'all want to see. I'm not going to post any more shit until I see some Comments about what everybody wants to see next. PEACE FAM...


yusuf said...

perhaps you guys can take a break (not that it is needed) from the hip-hop instrumentals and go on to concept albums that are hip-hop influenced and yet instrumental or even on the more beattape style like joe beats and reanimator or signify. Keep it coming though. I love your posts and once i finish my move, i'll dig through the harddrives and drop some links upon you guys. peace.

chris said...

i got i need drugs instrumentals and gory days let me know if u have these yet or not i can hook you up... email me here peace

MrFan said...

Thanks for the Necro. How about some Diamond D, Buckwild, and of Course Lord Finesse. Oh yeah any E-swift beats too. Thanks Homie

Idiotless said...

This made me appreciate how great a producer Necro is. Thanks!