Monday, May 28, 2007


Solid producer, his work hasn't been showing up recently (atleast that I'm aware of)...He used to do beats with Rawkus pretty frequently, but has worked with everyone from G-Unit to Ghostface, he also did Mos Def's "Ms. Fat Booty"...
I have both of his instrumental cds, "Listen" and "Now Playing", and his new one entitled "Louder" is coming out in...July? I think.
Dude's very underrated, he never seems to get his due. The point is, check these out; you won't regret it.

1. Nag Champa (Intro)
2. Platinum
3. Devil Is Sweet
4. Hold U
5. Kingston
6. Movement
7. Stomping Grounds
8. Go for It
9. Highway to Heaven
10. I Wonder Why
11. Who Got It?
12. Blood Red Roses
13. This Song Is Over
14. Intimate Connection
download it here.

1. Tha Intro
2. Love's Ghetto
3. Crazy
4. Heavenly Father
5. Nowhere to Turn
6. Let's Git Together
7. Preacher
8. Listen
9. Proud
10. Someone
11. Purple Moon
download it here.

one I forgot, entitled "So Many Reasons To Rhyme"
a bootleg of sorts, it has plenty of unreleased beats on it. heat heat heat on here. check it out. :)


s'n's said...

ayatollah is also known as gee the nutty professor and produced the bee why tracks back in da days

ps: will upload the j-force instrumental as soon as possible


Dart Adams said...

It's not so much a bootleg as it is a self made beat CD with him hosting it and not having a label to help him distribute it. He sold it through Sandbox Distribution back in 2004/5. I was the first person to post it up and it's cool to see that people will be able to hear it now. If you want his "Personal Legend Vol. 1" instrumental album from 2004 as well just holla.


Dart Adams said...

What up, Andrew? Here it is. Ayatollah's Personal Legend Vol. 1


nawledge said...

WORD... Thanks SNS. No rush on that, whenevr you get around to it would be DOPE. I been on the SEARCH for that Instrumental... Peace.

Unstoppable said...

Hey how are you? Has anyone remembers the track in R.A. Rugged Man's album called Chains feat. Wu-Tang produced by Ayatollah. I'm looking for the beat of that song, can anyone help?

Diantres said...

when you have time...
can you re-upload the discs plz..?

Andrew said...

another vote for a re-up :P

Rob Hashemi said...

the older rapidshare links are down and there's a lot of great stuff, this is tough

Silent Knight said...

The beat for "Chains" is called 'Kingston' and its on NOW PLAYING.

illaclay said...

AYATOLLAH is currently working on a project titled "THE WORLD IS A STAGE" with artist GINO CASSEUS so be on the lookout for this to dropp real soon.

illaclay said...

To hear more Beats by Ayatollah check out this project with Casseus..... Free Album Download all tracks Produced by Ayatollah......

illaclay said...

this is Part II