Sunday, August 24, 2008

four tet-dialouge-instrumentals(m4a format, sorry for those that are spoiled with easy mp3')

these files are m4a, not mp3... anyone that has any idea about things will know how to convert these files to mp3 IF they have to. here is a link for those that have no idea. i dont use that program BUT it gives you an idea what might work.. be careful what you download..

click here to download: four tet-dialouge

1. Space of Two Weeks
2. Chiron
3. Alambradas
4. 3.3 Degrees from the Pole
5. Misnomer
6. Liquefaction
7. She Scanned
8. Calamine
9. Butterfly Effect
10. Aying
11. Fume
12. Charm

google four tet so you get an idea of what your downloading... if you complain after doing that or decide to download with out researching their sound then you MAYBE an idiot.

i got one other of 'four tet' album that has not been uploaded here yet... and i'll share that "soon" as i get a chance...

also some hip hop.. if you want some modern day classic material then head over to "acapellarchives".. zakeus just posted "mochipet-micraphonet-instrumentals..and acapellas. Also there are a number of requests i've seen in the SB c-box that ARE/have been posted at acapellarchives and instrumental inheritors
(beats, not just acapellas)


bobjones said...

hell yes, i love four tet

bobjones said...

this cd is amazing...