Saturday, August 09, 2008

Obsidian Blue

Check out his page for more downloads
He also has a couple of really dope new releases for purchase on his myspace page
Big ups to Soul for putting me on to this! :-)


Anonymous said...

It's dope jazzy sound

drastik said...

this is raw as fuck.

has o. blue worked with anyone noteworthy? his production is classically simple.

Boogie said...

Glad you guys like OB's music. I havent stopped playing his joint since I got them.

@dras allah, I agree with you 100% Unfortunately, I dont know the answer to your question. Im just surprised that I havent heard of him before.

Boogie said...

@dras allah, one more thing! Big ups to the 305!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He made mix for Precise Hero

drastik said...

miami all day, bwoy

aniel198 said...

This guy is a genius.
I've listened to "Livid Paradox" for the whole week.
Just can't stop listening to it.