Friday, July 03, 2009

The Are - Dem Damb Jacksons - Instrumentals

1. Intro
2. The Meaning
3. Get Her Interlude
4. Keep On Trying
5. When You’re Down
6. We’ve Come Too Far
7. Oh So Sad
8. Walk On
9. We’ll Be There (Bonus Joint)
10. I Want You Gone
11. Oh
12. Don’t Go (Bonus Joint)
13. ARE Outro

Downlod Here!


boattown reppin said...

nice ,got that tape since 2007 my favourite is when youre down said...

looks like someone just found out about


- dookie

p.s. the verification word was dookie. consequence?

theoldschoollover said...

nice stuff I like oh so sad. listen if you like this try out some good stuff there peace

Anonymous said...


RezO said...

The Jacksons made music for nearly 2 decades....these are the best loops you could find? Dig deeper friends.