Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Couple Of Mixes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FanuSamurai(a.k.a Fanu) - This Don't Make No Sense(Mix)
Downtempo/Hip Hop

Track List
1. Artemis - Silver Dawn
2. Poets of Thought - Jamming The Session
3. De La Soul - Sunshine
4. V-Love - The Wilderness
5. Dj Cam - Hiphop Opera
6. Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out
7. Danny Breaks - The Octopus (Intergalactic Starfighter)
8. Deejay Punk-Roc - No Meaning
9. Intense - Flashback
10. Dj Shadow - Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
(some odd Dj Shadow samples cut in)
(Outro: don't make no f-ing sense...)


FanuSamurai - Galician Girl
I'm really feeling this track!!!!

DJ Synflood - Vienna Beat Experience(Mix)
Hip Hop/Dub-Step/Electronic

Track List
01. Dorian Concept - Sweet Yard Sale
02. fLako - Desert Ride
03. Kan Kick - Herb Honey
04. Mr. Dibiase - Fine Tuning
05. Kan Kick - Enter The Inside (Yeah)
06. Dabrye - That's What's Up
07. Floating Points - Shangrila
08. Julian Abelar - The Bubble Of Perception
09. Quarta330 - ASUTATA50
10. Andy Stott - Drippin
11. J:Kenzo - Cosmo
12. Flying Lotus - Glendale Galleria
13. Kan Kick - Thursdays at the Good Life
14. P.U.D.G.E. - CelLAbrate(06')
15. Electric Egypt - Liquid Space ft. Zig16
16. Julian Abelar - The Second Attention
17. Dam Funk - Chocolate City (Instro)


For more DJ Synflood's mixes click here!


Anonymous said...

FanuSamurai - Galician Girl is dops as ish!!!!!! Thanks for posting that. Do you have an mp3 file for it? Thanks again for putting me on to something new.


Anonymous said...

The V-Love - The Wilderness is pretty freakin nice. Dang, man.

Anonymous said...

dj synfold is terrible at mixing. they should of just compiled the beats individually and not attempted to mix them considering he sucks as a mixer.

it's actually embargoing. and mos definitely a waste of time to download and a pain to listen to.

please remove it and ask synfold to compile the tracks on a new version with out the shitty mixing.


J_More said...
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J_More said...

I cant download the FanuSamura mix...Can someone help me when I click download it just goes to a separate window and plays it

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