Friday, July 03, 2009

King Geedorah - Take Me To Your Leader

No, not an actual release. The beats are compiled from Doom's Special Herbs series. I just happened to be listening to the the album and remembered that all the beats have been released, so they've been re-tagged and upped here.

01. Fazers
02. Fastlane
03. Krazy World
04. The Final Hour/Take Me To Your Leader
05. Monster Zero
06. Next Level
07. No Snakes Alive
08. Anti-Matter
09. LockJaw/One Smart Nigger
10. I Wonder
11. The Fine Print



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Without a doubt the best thing MF Doom ever did (next to VV1 & 2 and Madvillany). I love this album. His use of samples is great, particularly on ‘Monster Zero’ and ‘One Smart Nigger’. I bought a number of the Special herbs albums, but gave up buying them due to duplication and never managed to get ‘Fazers’. Now I have got it…Thank you!!
Phase IV