Friday, July 03, 2009

Blaq Poet - Tha Blaqprint

01. I-Gittin
02. U Phucc'd Up
03. Ain't Nuttin Changed
04. What's The Deal?
05. Legendary Pt. 1
06. Hood Crazy
07. Voices
08. Hate
10. Stretch Marks And Cigarette Burns
11. S.O.S.
12. Let The Guns Blow
13. Don't Give A Fuccc
14. Rap Addiction
15. Never Goodbye

HOO HAAAAA! I have no idea why Poet yells this. Is it his catch phrase ala the Jada laugh? Maybe it's a shoutout to fallen soldier? Did I miss it on the Y2K album?

Anyways, all tracks produced by DJ Premier, except tracks 2 (Easy Mo Bee) and 9 (Gemcrates).



Anonymous said...

you're da man! thx for this ill ####, "voices" is an absolute killer!


DJ Critical Hype said...

Amazing! how did u get this? whoever posted this is the man

Anonymous said...

premiers production gets weaker as time progresses.. the fuck?

- dookie

Anonymous said...