Friday, June 01, 2007

Imhotep - Blue Print (1998)

Y'all know France's IAM by now. Their musical architect, as they like to call him, is Imhotep, also known as Kif Kif, Tonton, or simply Pascal. A producer who's written history with the vast majority of beats he's made for IAM since they came into being around the early 90s, but he's behind a lot more than just that. From other hip-hop and reggae groups to movie scores and whatnot else, Imhotep holds it all down, following his fascination for music, for sounds, for atmospheres caught onto records.
This album is not an instrumental version of a hip-hop album, as one might expect, but it's the result of Imhotep's exploration of the sounds, vibes and voices he captured while roaming through Morocco. It just shows that the man is bigger than any individual music genre. So, if KRS is hip-hop, Imhotep IS music. A great aural adventure through Northern Africa.

01. Essaouira's atmosphere
02. Caravan's walk (part 1)
03. Balaphone's fiend
04. Bendir beat 1
05. Deep roots tree
06. Aquatic raga
07. Sahara shuffle
08. Marble mine
09. Something wrong
10. Give peace a last chance
11. Useless sacrifice
12. Bendir beat 2
13. Last drop of the source
14. Something right
15. Straight out of the dune
16. Good old bled
17. Rising clavsun
18. Bendir beat 3
19. Still a war in the east
20. Caravan's walk (part 2)
21. Back to the dune

Imhotep - Blue Print (1998)

Peace to syn for hooking me up.



nawledge said...

This shit is NICE. I have been str8 Sleepin' on this... Peace.

ebyss said...

I love this album! Great stuff - thanks for putting me on to it.

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