Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Venture Bros. - The Music Of JG Thirlwell

01. Brock Graveside
02. Tuff
03. Tensssacts
04. 13 Bigmon/Boys As Transformers
05. Node Wrestling
06. Thunder-Bro
07. Damion
08. Assclamp!
09. Mississippi Noir
10. Spag
11. Bolly
12. Gawker
13. Descension
14. Warped Carousel
15. Sexy Sultry
16. In A Spaceage Mood
17. X1 Krashi/Woozzy
18. Warped Span
19. Fumblestealth
20. No Vacancy (VB Theme)

Another one of those "Hey... this isn't hip-hop!" posts.

A selection of scores from one of my favorite TV shows out. If you haven't watched before, it's kinda hard to describe the tracks. There's a variety of moods and instruments on display. I like them, so they get posted.

Go Team Venture!
[link removed at artist's request -- djesp]


i dunno said...

Lookit, esp gives artists the option to have their links removed from the site upon request. I'm obliged to do my part to honor that request; ie: deleting posts of alternate links to said albums.

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