Tuesday, September 28, 2010


<a href="http://beat-tape.com/album/waves">&quot;WAVES&quot; by GregtheSP</a>

I like the way Greg-SP's tracks are. Enjoyable by all, crisp, clean, and smooth. This dude is cool, chill out. -Gloam


TN said...

Coo beat tape.. not a big fan of the kits your using but it was smooth. One thing.. switch up your drum patterns a little bit.. seems like every beat had the same kick kick snare follow up, and try not to repeat the sample so much at the beginning at every beat. -_-

That throws some people off to just stop listening your tape all together.

but you had some smooth melodies here and there.. juss try experimenting with more cleaner sounding kits so you don't muddy your beats as much. If your goin for that boom bap style try sharpening up the kicks and snares a little; otherwise it's gonna chew up the whole beat.

But keep at it bro.. was a coo listen.

Schoeder said...

Good listen. I enjoyed it.