Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Question & Freddie Joachim – Vinyl Podcast Vol. 1

Question & Freddie Joachim - Vinyl Podcast Vol. 1 from Freddie Joachim on Vimeo.

track list:
- The Singer's Unlimited - We've Only Just Begun
- Yesterday's New Quintet - Prelude
- Stan Getz - One Note Samba
- Slum Village - Look of Love Remix
- Nas - One Love
- A Tribe Called Quest - God Lives Through
- Paul Mcartney - Arrow Through Me
- Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't Be Long
- Jazzy Jeff - Are You Ready feat. Slum Village
- Jay-Z - Dead Presidents
- Soulive - Bridge to Bama Remix
- Black Star - Flying High
- Mountain Brothers - Dig It Instrumental
- Brand Nubian - Love Me or Leave Me Alone
- Busta Rhymes - Rhymes Galore
- Kev Brown - Hennessey Part 1


Anonymous said...

INCREDIBLE says... on the beatmaker tip, this cat FREDDIE JOACHIM and ABJO saved the west coast. Real Talk!!! No disrespect to all of the LA cats and the rest of the coast beatmakers holding things down, but when it comes to that -soulful, -jazzy, -electronica, -hip hop, none of those LA cats can see these dudes. But keep trying though, because ultimately, the fans like me appreciate it.


TN said...

Damn.. Freddie joachim is a cool ass nigga.

Nice ass setup..

Anonymous said...

dude, stop with the INCREDIBLE!!!! line...its getting old

Anonymous said...

dope producer... but what does that have to do
with spinning regular classic tracks on video...
I thought this was an instrumental website...
he was doing some regular ass shit right there, and im not even hating. just a dumb post..

id rather see Bonezelli spin instrumentals...

Boogie said...

@Anonymous above!

How the hell is this a dumb post?

TN said...

@anon.. yeah.. how is this dumb? It was a dope spin. Go hate on another whack post bro.