Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ta-ku - Tribute : Dilla

<a href="">TRIBUTE : Dilla by Ta-ku aka Flip</a>

Rest in Beats


Anonymous said...

It was coo.. wish some of the melodies weren't so choppy..

but some good tracks. Dope tribute overall.

Anonymous said...

This tape got pretty monotonous after awhile 3/5

Anonymous said...

This is ill!

Anonymous said...

you're a fucking shill, either the producer himself or/and a person who goes batshit whenever they see a dilla tribute. fucking post stalkers nee to stop automatically giving post 5 stars when they don't deserve it.

digitalmarley said...

how can anyone complain about FREE FUCKIN MUSIC? If anyones going to talk shit about somebody's tracks on this site, they should post something better for us to take them seriously.

Generally i consider a good tribute to hip-hops greatest producer to include some sort of references to his music or us the same samples he uses in a creative way or simply have a similar style and flavor to the great J-Dilla.

While this collection doesnt have as many creative sample references as just say Steveo's "muffins" for example, i do hear Dilla being channelled in a lot of these tracks so i'm gonna say its a good tribute and good beats overall. Good drum palette and the samples are decently chopped.

The producers on this site arent multiplatinum producers or famous, they are guys like us...digging in the crates and putting their heart and soul into beats that frankly we cant readily get anywhere else, so even if i heard something i didnt like, its called being a 'shithead" when you complain about something thats a matter of taste in ther first place.

Thanks Ta-Ku, for making funky beats for these ungrateful fucks. At least some of us appreciate the effort.

Ta-ku said...

thanks digital marley!
as you said bro, im just a dude with a 9-5 that like to make beats when he gets a chance. :)
i knew puttin out a 'dilla tribute' would make heads think im one dimensional. & i know its abit played out. but i just wanted to pay respect to his influence he has had on me.

Anonymous said...

INCREDIBLE says... and in this corner we have TA-KU, representing LOVE. In the opposite corner we have the opposition, representing HATE.

Bell rings...

It appears HATE wins the early rounds 1 thru 5. Bell rings... Round 6 begins. TA-KU comes out swinging. Oh my, can you believe it, he has HATE against the ropes. TA-KU knocks HATE down. Saved by the bell, HATE comes back to win rounds 7 and 8. We've now reached the final two rounds of the bout. The critics say TA-KU will need a knockout in order to win the fight. Bell rings, round 9 begins. I can't believe what I'm hearing. The crowd chants and screams oooowwwaaaa. It appears TA-KU is having a Rocky moment. Once again, HATE is about to go down. Dazed and confused, HATE barely gets up and make it out of the round. Wow, this has been an up and down fight. We've reached the final round. Both fighters touch gloves. Bell rings, round 10 begins. TA-KU wastes no time and comes out swinging hard. I can't believe my eyes, HATE goes down again. Referee begins the count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. He's out... he's out. TA-KU wins by knockout.

AND THE NEW... PURE BANGER CHAMPION in cyberspace Taaaaaaaa-Kuuuuuuuu!!!

ps. Every MC reading this need to kill tracks #6, #9, #10, #12, #15, #16, #20, #23, #25. Become legendary!!!

Anonymous said...

"how can anyone hate free music" so if gucci mane released a bunch of "music" you would show love? Come on stop the b.s. ps tl;dr

Johan said...

a cross of 9th wonder beats + dilla feeling. FRESH !

Alex said...

yo this tape was dope....hella diff sounds throughout...nice tribute

RESPECT bro... keep it up

Anonymous said...

THIS TAPE IS FIRE...and I dislike 80% of the nerdy shit that gets posted on this site...but this joint was butters....I'm bout to fly to New Zealand my dude lol!