Tuesday, September 21, 2010


<a href="http://mindtouch.bandcamp.com/album/tonight-at-noon">ToNight aT NoON by MiNdToUcH</a>

Keep this tape with you at all times! -Gloam


Anonymous said...

INCREDIBLE says... this is the missing secret ingredient to becoming a "GREAT" MC versus another lackluster country slang rapper who knows somebody that knows somebody or was in the right place at the right time.

Back on September 9th 2010 in the c-box, I made a cry for someone to post some beats that had the DJ CAM style allure and appeal. This is exactly what I was looking for.

This compilation is EVIDENCE (no pun intended) that you must spit on and master the dope headnod loop before you can master an entire dope track with potent lyrical skills that become legendary. Most MC's never been told this until today. Y'all owe me homey!!!

Shout out to the collabo for getting this posted here. Yeah I agree with the north G, you should keep this tape with you at all times.

This is the INCREDIBLE!!!

One Oclock said...

Finally, some Real Hip Hop shit. The samples and the loops are crazy. Thanks you for this mixtape !!!

Anonymous said...

Yo... this is some dope shit. Straight to the ipod... big up on the find, man.

NahNahNah said...

It's brilliance lies in it's subtlety. Like any good, solid, spittin' beat it's really basic. Dope beats are a lot like homicidal maniacs. It's the quiet ones you gotta look out for. Ill.

bg said...

ThAnk yoU foR poStinG thE TapE hERe. I rEalLy apPreciaTe iT. LoVe thE siTe... gatHereD toNs oF insPiratiOn froM tHe shiT You guyS pOst heRe. A trUe hoNor tO bE incLudeD, thaNk yoU.


Anonymous said...