Monday, June 04, 2007

djespionage - Ten Thousand Lanterns (2007)

Downtempo/hip-hop production based on records grabbed in dusty stalls, shops, and dumpsters throughout South Korea.

01 Music chooses you (introlude)
02 Time Left
03 Escape (interlude)
04 Cellular Antiquity
05 Interrupted Ascension
06 Just Like That
07 A Mission
08 One Man Show
09 Four Way Bridge
10 How You Say


Andyman187 said...

Nice work I'm Feelin Cellular Antiquity.

nawledge said...

This shit is nice Esp... I remember when you first hooked me up with Cellular back on your other Blog when I mentioned the Koto... I'm really feelin Just Like That, it's a heater... Thanks for This... Peace.

punchandicaps said...

oh man son... defintiely feelin cellular antiquity.. the drum programming is definitely dope.. i also dig this track.. time left.. shit the whole album is sick man.. keep it up.. defintiely

djespionage said...

werd, thx

Swann said...

I played out cellular one night at Nana but the one you gave me was only like a minute something. I may or may not have let that one run out.'s about time you shared some of your own work though man!

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Who knew we had a pro on board... ;)
Looking forward to more ish and I'm curious what it's gonna sound like. (You said kinda like Demigodz? So you'll be rappin on there, too?... word...)

Anonymous said...

I've downloaded this album a year ago and it has NOT LEFt my mp3 player its like the soundrtrack of my life man! Especialy "time left" and "a mission" this CD is straight up GENIUS Espionage is to the beats whut the Genius/GZA is to the rhymes !!!!!