Tuesday, June 26, 2007

UPDATE: Stoupe - Various Dub - Some Help...

Yea, what up Beats Fam... Got MASS Stoupe Beats here. The Enemy of Mankind I think not, I feel this fool is right up there with Primo & Pete Rock. I wouldn't say that he is nearly as deep rooted in History like they are of course, but he can Toss up Pure Personality Bangers that can front on Primo & Pete's Shit in My Opinion... I'm sure some of you came across these a while back, it was Two Volumes, with 45 Beats in Each Volume. Anyway, I had to split it up into 6 Sections for it to fit on Zshare, so there's 15 Beats on Each Part, and sorry to say, they're not labeled to each specific album, it either says Stoupe Pt. 1 or 2 for the album, so you're going to have to do some labelling. But all the names are there, so it won't be too bad. I'm just Lazy, you know how it be...

Stoupe Instrumentals (All Jedi Mind Beats Including Interludes, some AOTP, Canabis - Rip The Jacker, + Bonus Tracks)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Onto the Dub... It seems like A Lot of people were feelin that King Stitt Track that I put up a while back, so here's the Entire Album. Let me say one thing, It Is Crack. This Ugly MuthaFucka was on some Lovely Melody Shit. I HIGHLY Recommend the tracks, "Dance Beat 1", and "Soul Language" they're worth the Download itself. Let me know what you think...

King Stitt - Reggae Fire Beat (1970)

1. King Alpha - The Beginning
2. Dance Beat 1
3. Jump For Joy
4. Soul Language
5. Herbsman Shuffle
6. Lick It Back
7. Lee Van Cleef
8. On The Street
9. Vigorton Two
10. Oh Yeah
11. Fire Corner
12. I For I
13. In The City
14. Rub A Dub
15. Sound Of The 70's
16. Christmas Tree
17. King Of Kings
18. Queen Omega At The End

Next up we got some Various Dub Tracks that I found Diggin' around. These are that Real Heavy Dub Shit, Mad Echoes and Mad Bass. I'm sure Eevryone will feel these. First track is from DJ Krush off his First album, and if you haven't heard it, Get Ready... I'm sure everyone will recognize the Sister Nancy track, and the cut from The Aggrovators is FIRE. Also, the last Few Tracks I got from a Trojan Dub Collection, and forgot to Name Them, so if anybody knows either Artist or Title for those, Drop Knowledge in Comments. The last track I straight up Have No Idea where it came from. Some Live Recording from somewhere, but it's Fresh None The Less:

Various Dub

1. Dj Krush - On The Dub Blue
2. Mad Professor - Penetrating Dub
3. King Tubby - Marcus Dub
4. Lee Perry & Prince Jammy - Rude Boy
5. Sly & Robbie - African Culture
6. The Aggrovators - Marshal Dread
7. Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
8. Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Steel Plated Bullet Proof Vest Dub
9. Dub1
10. Dub2
11. Dub3
12. Dub4
13. Dub5
14. ??????

Finally, I'm gonna ask for some Feedback from Y'all... Basically I've been going to school for the last year learning Visual Effects for Movies, how to make some Crazy Dope lookin Shit on the Computer, some 3D and some Not. I focused on making Environments. Anyway, our Instructors asked us to show this to AS MANY as people possible who don't know how we make this shit, to see if anything looks weird. Basically I'm trying to make the first Environment shots look like they were Filmed, not created in a Computer. And since I'm trying to Mimic Reality, I just want to know if anything looks Weird, or Not Right to anybody's eye. Please Let Me Know, and thanks for taking the tme to look at my shit. PEACE...

Full Resolution Version

OH. And for all of you that have been Feelin the Pelican City Dope. I got some Shit that is right up there with it, that I'm guessin not too many people have heard, or even heard of. So look out for that in the next few Hours. Pure Dope Coming Up.


Andrew said...

-standing ovation-

excellent excellent job sir
the video was cool as hell, and i didnt notice anything wrong w/ it..
i was lookin hard for stoupe beats, and that leaf stuff looks damn good also. just on a side note, where do you go to school?

Travis said...

your video looks great. didn't notice anything weird or off-kilter. you could space out the letters of the text a little more, but i assume you were making a stylistic choice there... otherwise, nice job!

nawledge said...

Word... Thanks for the Props. Yea, that Font is Dope, but the smaller you go, the shit gets all Compressed. Thanks Again though... and by the way andrew, I went to a school called VanArts - Vancouver Institute For Media Arts, in Vancouver, BC... But I'm originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. No Mormon shit though, haha. Peace.

Teek said...

SAAAAAAFE. Thanks so much for all the dub man. keep it comin you are gettin APPRECIATED

khy boogie said...

looks pretty dope mate, like your clouds, my mate who does post production said he has guys who just do clouds, said they're called cloudtechs, that's a dope name, might use it one day...

nawledge said...

Dope Son... Yea, Clouds can be kind of Tech, so that's an appropriate name. They used Coffee Stains for added effect in the Clouds in 300... Ill Shit.

yassin said...

dats tha shiznit dawg! Keep rockin tha 3rd Dimension!

yassin said...

Dats tha shiznit dawg! Keep tha 3rd Dimension locked down!