Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Late Night... King Stitt - "The Ugly"

Damn, it's 2:00 AM and maybe it's just because I'm EXTREMELY lit up right now, or maybe it's just this track, but I've been loopin this Cut for the last half an hour... This is Pure Sweet Lovely Melodic Bless... Straight Head-Nods. It's got some Vocals, but think of them as samples, they're only here & there throughout. It was produced by this Beetlejuice looking Mahfucka (Not Michael Keaton) and it is Pure Fire... This dude was born like that, so don't hate on tha Playa. Obviously he's got Shit figured out, and I guess he got his break by getting hooked up by a Big Producer who seen him at a Dance Hall and was stoked on his Unique Dance Moves?!? CLASSIC. This Zombie Type Head was Real about things and came up with the Genius Title of "The Ugly" for Himself. Sounds about right to me... All I know is, EVERYBODY needs to be listenin to as much of this Shit as possible because this is where Hip Hop came from... The Shit's like Reggae's Baby in my opinion. Kool Herc spawned that Shit... Aight, a lil Bud in my Brain, I'm Out.



mason said...

only 1 track??? that shit is tight! post the whole album please. thanks.

Anonymous said...

yo mr. i love this blog. here's my response to 'being weeded out and finding the ill cut that you play 10,0000000 times over,' posted for you killa. http://www.zshare.net/audio/2270877c120814/