Friday, June 29, 2007


To Kanye's Soul Mix Show!

Musical genius (my opinion) Kanye West has to sample from somewhere. The man is not very subtle in his jacking however, and I found this to be pretty interesting. However unoriginal, you can't blame the man for making dope-ass music. I suggest you check this out, get a feel for how a big name in the business samples as well as just to listen to some good songs. Also, multiple people in the c-box over there had mentioned sampled songs. (We did a little of this as a collective blog team, but it died down some. Variety is good.) Kanye may not chop the song up very well, but he picks some damn good ones to use. This mix is done by A-Trak (Kanye's DJ); Recommended, check this one out definitely.
Also, in case anyone was wondering, I looked into how to set up a forum and how it works. Me and my minimum knowledge of HTML and .php scripts and all that ish was not able to figure it out completely. If anyone's interested in helping set that up, that would be great. It seems like we need it, just to organize requests, dead links/re-ups, recommendations, all that stuff. Enjoy the music everyone!

Original song first, and Kanye song in (parentheses)
1. "Nina Simone – Sinnerman (Get By Intro)"
2. "Al Green – I Wish You Were Here (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)"
3. "Honey Cone – Innocent Til Proven Guilty (Testify)"
4. "Graham Nash – Chicago (The Truth)"
5. "Bobby Bland – The Heart of City (Ain’t No Love)"
6. "David Ruffin – Common Man (Never Change)"
7. "William Bell – Strung Out (Down and Out)"
8. "Hank Crawford – Wildflower (Drive Slow)"
9. "Ahmad Jamal – Ghetto Child (They Say)"
10. "Mandrill – Peace and Love (Two Words)"
11. "KayGees – Heavenly Dream (Celebration)"
12. "The Whatnauts – I’ll Erase Your Pain (Late)"
13. "Luther Vandross – A House Is Not A Home (Slow Jamz)"
14. "Chaka Khan – Through The Fire (Through The Wire)"
15. "Bill Withers – Rosie (Roses)"
16. "Etta James – My Funny Valentine (Addiction)"
17. "Gil Scott Heron – Is Where My Hatred Is (My Way Home)"
18. "Linda Lewis – Old Smokey (Go)"
19. "The New York Community Choir – Since You Came In My Life (Crack Music)"
20. "Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up (Touch The Sky)"
21. "The New Birth – It’s Impossible (Impossible)"
22. "Marvin Gaye – Distant Lover (Spaceship)"
23. "Lenny Williams – Cause I Wanna Love You (Overnight Celebrity)"

get it here.


khy boogie said...

i've got a of other compilations with tracks that kanye used to sample, one cd one, one strictly breaks vinyl and on i d/l'd, will up them to these comments when i get home...

Kevin said...

Can anyone reup this album -- rapidshare deleted it!


Mac said...

yes. we need a re-up on this!

MK254 said...

OH MAN! Please tell me u can re-up this? Also, do you have Kanye's Late Registration? I lost my addiction instrumental and I need that shyt. THANKS ALOT!