Tuesday, June 12, 2007


For those of you that don't know who he is, you all need to stop sleeping and wake the hell up. He does the beats for Seattle based duos Common Market as well as Blue Scholars.
New Blue Scholars cd was released today(!) Bayani...and if you don't have that. Be sure to pick it up, i pre-ordered it. Anyway, there aren't many instrumentals released, but here's what I do have. Enjoy it, check out his other releases.

Common Market - Connect Four
Blue Scholars - Back Home
Common Market - Doors
Blue Scholars - Dawn (*personal favorite*)
Common Market - Every Last One Cornerstone Remix
Common Market - Kampo
Blue Scholars - Xenophobia

Download it here, you wont regret it. I promise.


djespionage said...

nice up...sabzi has been one of my favorite producers these last few years, between the blue scholars work (i'd call "the ave", "bruise brothers", "Freewheelin" and a few others near-classics) and common market. although i was *really* disappointed with "bayani" overall.

Andrew said...

i LOVE it

give it another listen, it seems to grow on a lot of people...

Tim said...

What is the beat playing in this video (after the beginning segment)?


I was told it was obtained from this blog. Thanks for your help.

Jesus Disciple said...

WOW!!! HE'S AMAZING! I wanna hear more! lol

Andrew said...

@ jesus -
told everybody they'd like it :)

Boubli said...

Just Awesome ! Thanks !

Brendan said...

this was SO MUCH MORE than i thought it would be. the track "Dawn" is def. top 10 beats imo.

amazing stuff.

got any more of his material, tracks like dawn!?!!

junezy said...

aww i wanted to get this one, the link doesn't work anymore :(

artw said...

some1 pleaz re-up!... iou1

Anonymous said...


Re-up please!

Anonymous said...

Re upload!!!

Anonymous said...

Please reup!!!!