Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fugees b/w Ayatollah

greatest hits from the fugees - missing some tracks, but this is what's on there.

1. nappy heads (remix)
2. vocab (remix 1)
3. vocab (remix 2)
5. (remix)
6. how many mics
7. killing me softly
8. ready or not


and for anyone who missed it: Ayatollah's other cd: "Personal Legend" - tons of heat on here. Big Ups to Poisonous Dart
That's PD's original link, so if it goes down, let me know, ill re-up it. Enjoy it people.

One last thing, if anyone has this 12'' from Kev Brown - "Allways"...I need that. Pretty damn badly. Much appreciated if anyone has it / knows where I can get it.

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Anonymous said...

Good lookin on this one. I love these tracks. Do you know who did the "Remix 2" of vocab? Those drums are bangin.